1. February is “World Hijab Day”. Activists from the USA created the day to life, their opinion about the veiling of women in Islam. For many people the headscarf is a Symbol of oppression and segregation, there were many Muslim women who wear it voluntarily. Preparation of the non-profit organization self-proclaimed day, the organizers launched a campaign on Twitter.

they called on their Followers to post a Selfie of you holding a sign with the Hashtag #FreeInHijab in the camera – so “freely in the head cloth”. You should also explain in the Post, how is the headscarf a Symbol of freedom in personal life. Some of the Muslims involved in the action overall, but the call backfired.

World Hijab Day: Is the headscarf a Symbol of freedom or oppression?

The clear Majority of Tweets to the Hashtag was the direct opposite: the head cloth as a sign of discrimination of women in Islam. In many countries, women are forced to wear against their will, a head scarf. The Hashtag quickly became of the women captured, the have experienced in your life the headscarf not as a sign of a separate decision.

“when there is a ‘World NoHijab Day’?”, a woman replied to the Tweet: “The day that all the women remove her headscarf in order to show that they are free and it is always can remove it if you want?” Many Users on Twitter share their own experiences and from the heavy way that you had to to to the independence. “If you had been born under Sharia law, and forced to wear a Niqab, if your humanity was stolen – then you would know why I’m against it,” writes Ensaf Haidar, freedom activist from Saudi Arabia, and wife of blogger Raif Badawi, who was sentenced in 2013 for “insulting the Islam” to ten years in prison and 1000 lashes.

“The majority of women has no choice, she is forced. I’m one of them,” tweets a woman who lives according to his own statement, also in Saudi Arabia. She hangs a photo of yourself, and your Tweet is almost retweeted a thousand Times.

Others accuse the organisers of the “World Hijab Day”, to be their privilege not be aware of: maybe you could choose how you attract and volunteering for the headscarf decide. The “silent majority” of Muslim women do not have this freedom.

Userin “liah”, according to Twitter-the biography of a 24-year-old homosexual Ex-writes a Muslim: “My mother forced me to wear a headscarf, by threatening me with hell. My brother threatened that he would send me to Saudi Arabia, if I’m not buying it ever. Now I’m finally free.” The Iniatorinnen the #FreeInHijab action, you tweeted: “If you decide to wear a headscarf, please understand how privileged you are. The Rest of us was forced and beaten.”

sources: Twitter, home of the “World Hijab Day”


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