In the historic visit of Pope Francis in the United Arab Emirates is on Monday, the Central part of the trip. Francis had arrived on the eve as the first Pope ever on the Arabian Peninsula. The head of the Catholics is to hold the official reception for crown Prince Mohammed bin Said Al Nahjan in the afternoon in Abu Dhabi, was speaking at an inter-religious Meeting. Thereby, the dialogue of religions.

With voltage is expected, whether and how Pope Francis to the war in Yemen. The Emirates are a part of a military coalition that is fighting against the Shiite Houthi rebels. Already thousands of civilians were killed. Before the departure in the direction of Abu Dhabi, the Argentines had denounced the crisis and the suffering of the children remembered. The United Nations stages of the war as the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world.

Mary and Frederik of Denmark

The Danes to visit with Pope Francis


Yemen is part of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and Oman to the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, which is generally regarded as the cradle of Islam.

Pope meets Muslim Elders

On Sunday, the powerful crown Prince Francis had received at the airport. Also the influence of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Ahmed al-Tajib, rich welcomed the Pope – the two have a close relationship.

In the Arab Region, the people lived for centuries “in harmony and peace,” it said in a message to the crown Prince. Unlike “the Image of extremism and terrorism,” it is close to the legends, lived in the Region millions of people “live together and the dialogue of faith and violence and extremism”.

The Pope is coming on Monday in the magnificent Sheikh Said mosque with the Muslim Council of Elders. At the subsequent inter-religious Meeting called “Human Fraternity” (human brotherhood) to around 700 representatives of various religions.

Ten percent of the population in the Emirates are Catholics

the head of the Catholic Church, with its world’s nearly 1.3 billion members, is to promote since the beginning of his term in office, the dialogue between Muslims and Christians, who are persecuted in some Islamic countries.

On Tuesday are expected to complete the trip to a trade show in a sports stadium of some 130,000 believers from all over the Region.

In the Emirates around ten percent of the population are Catholics, according to Vatican about 900,000 people. In rich cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular, migrants from Asia, who come here to Work live. Even if the country is as tolerant of, criticism of human rights organizations, the repression of freedom of expression and complain that activists would be detained.

Even if in the Emirates, at least limited freedom of religion prevails, are not allowed Muslims to convert, for example, to Christianity. In contrast to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Christians can build churches and exercise their Belief.