the chicken of a French poultry farm should have been merged, and a young Fox killed eradicates. The report, among other things, the British BBC and the “Guardian”. Therefore, to have the Fox in the dusk in the chicken coop, a timer-operated trap door, I trapped him then in there.

The next Morning would have found vocational students at the time of their routine inspection of the dead Fox in one corner of the House. “The herd instinct is triggered, and then you have to attack the animal with their beaks”, said her instructor at the agricultural school of Le Gros-Chene from the news Agency AFP. The body had numerous attack tracks, several “beak blows to the neck”.

In the case of the Predator it should have been a five to six-month-old cub. The hens could destroy the future together, and him, as a community, have attacked, suspected of trainers. “Maybe the Fox has to get into a panic, alone if the large number of chickens.” The animals could be “very persistent”, “especially if they occur in the group”.

About 3,000 hens in the barn

In the stable should have according to the Reports, around 3,000 hens found. They would spend most of the day outside on a 20,000 square meter plot of land. Another 3000 chickens would live on the premises. The coop is always open and would close at sunset and at sunrise open again.

In the past year, have made Reports of a Fox in the plant and in the chicken coop. At the time, the story was considered, according to the instructors at the vocational school, but “very much worse” for the chickens.

sources: BBC / the Guardian