How the devil sometimes, so plays came to the “confirmation” directly from the White house, and almost in real time. In a very long, very precise-researched article in the US magazine “The New Yorker” describes how the arch-conservative channel Fox News has become in the past few years, a kind of “state television” and propaganda tool for the US government. Probably involuntarily, but as if to prove this for the story, said the US President on the same day Twitter rants about the Opposition and the allegedly biased media of two of the most famous Fox News faces, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson both said Donald-Trump-Fans.

frightening extent of connectedness

the ultraconservative station is one of the favorite channels from Donald Trump and his followers, is no secret. Not that moderators, such as Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are ardent admirers of the US President. Owner Rupert Murdoch tends to Trump despite occasional mouthing a good relationship, had supported him already in the election campaign. However, the extent of the ties they are likely to scare many observers.

Sean Hannity, for example, it is said in Washington that he was the “shadow chief of staff” of the US President, because they were in constant communication with each other. Your regular contact is known, according to the “New Yorker” but the two of them to talk on the phone every night with each other. After his mission. Hannity also occurs in the case of election campaign events and not as a Journalist but as a speaker. Supposedly, Trump is to lead a rating scale for “Fox”moderators. Hannity then is the best value 10.

Reger, exchange of personnel,

the Interview of The “New Yorker” writer Jane Mayer entitled “The revolving door between Fox News and the White house” – and, apparently, a lively exchange between the TV Station and the government headquarters, As was “Fox”producer Bill Shine communications Director of the White house and Deputy chief of staff is effective. The former Fox-expert Ben Carson is now Minister of housing. The presenter, Heather has been Nauert as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations proposed. Conversely, the exchange will also work: trump’s former spokeswoman Hope Hicks is now at 21st Century Fox responsible for public Relations.

TV Show

How “Fox and Friends” still Trumps Agenda – and the editors are to be exploited

Thomas Krause

the content seems to be the axis of the White house-Fox-editors ‘ a single and Take. According to the “New Yorker” would not only stand Sean Hannity to the President, de facto, as a consultant to the side, Trump would even let employees from the more posterior rows to turn teleconferencing into the Oval Office. And how very the morning show “Fox and Friends” the daily Agenda of the President influenced, has described a year ago, the magazine “Politico”.

Donald trump 44 Interviews with Fox News

That in all the links of the messages under the table, which could be for Donald Trump unpleasantly surprised. So Fox News knew, apparently, already in the election campaign of 2016, of trump’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, and was the responsible reporter, to report on it. In the “New Yorker”article it is said that never in the history of the United States was “so close to the state television”. Fox will take the President in the protection and spread its Propaganda. A Thesis that is supported by the Figures: Of the 54 TV-Interviews, which have given the US President to date, I have 44 Times Fox the Supplement.

“American presidents have always been cozy with the press,” writes Fox News competitor CNN. Conversely, there was also always journalists that would have been understood more as a house – and Hofberichterstatter. “But all the-and-Take approach is not in the vicinity of this symbiosis. Not even ‘Fox News’ was ever so much in bed with the White house.”

sources: “The New Yorker”, “New York Magazine”, “Wbur”, CNN, Deadline

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