The U.S. morning show “Fox & Friends” is one of the favorite shows of the US President, Donald Trump. Not without reason: The moderators of the show in General, from their support for the President is no secret and move in with a preference for Trumps opponents. Especially the new democratic members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is always the target of their attacks. So, too, on Sunday.

Fox-News-presenters complain about Ocasio-Cortez

In one of the first posts of the consignment were Ed Henry, Jedediah Bila, and Pete Hegseth about a statement from the AOC, Ocasio-Cortez, also called the self, in the competition, CNN funny. The shooting star of the Democrats, had declared on Friday, the US Congress had the 22. Amendment of the Constitution, the term of office of US presidents to two terms of office, limited, adopted in order to prevent a fifth term of Franklin Roosevelt.

“Oh, my goodness,” said Hegseth at the mention of your Name, followed by a sneering Laugh. “She talks sometimes faster than you think,” added Co-host Ed Henry. Visibly amused, the hosts of “Fox & Friends pointed” out that Roosevelt died in 1945, while the Amendment was not adopted until 1947 by the Congress, and not until 1951 was ratified. However, Roosevelt – the first and only American President to serve more than two terms shall be considered to be the trigger for the change in the law.

presenter Bila receipted AOCs statements with projecting an image of corporate head-shaking and eye-rolling. “She’s so overconfident, because she’s used to it, that no one puts it in doubt,” claimed Bila, the Democrat, tyre directly: “The Problem many people have with You is that some of the things You say make no sense”, ranting and raving. And if Ocasio-Cortez, a speech on historical relationships, should you do it properly, otherwise you’ll be held accountable.


Ocasio-Cortez is mocked by Fox presenter and strikes back at a furious pace

By Marc Drewello

but This is true also for geographical connections, such as the Fox News moderators, a little later, on his own body had to know. In the further course of the shipment, Henry, Bila and Hegseth reported on the announcement of Donald Trump, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to emphasize their auxiliary funds, they should ensure that their countries are no illegal immigrants in the United States. Under the contribution has been settled for half a Minute with the line of text: “Trump cuts 3 Mexican countries of U.S. aid.”

ridicule and criticism for Fox News on Twitter

The Problem: There is no three Mexican States. There is Mexico and there are El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – three of Mexico, completely independent Central American States. For Ocasio-Cortez the incorrect text band was a steep template. “Just a reminder that these are the same people who declare themselves to be superior, by the intelligence and good Faith of others to put down,” tweeted the 29-Year-old, with a picture of the moderator trio.

And also from the rest of the Twitter community, it rained after the “Fox & Friends”taunt: “Can’t help it, but I’m a little disappointed,” wrote Stephanie Rule, presenter of the US channel MSNBC. “It was great to spend the spring holiday with my family, but we have only seen 1 of the 3 Mexican Nations.”

“I woke up this morning and thought there was only 1 Mexico. Thank you @FoxNews for the instruction,” tweeted the Userin Kimberly Phillips.

And another user posted, under the Heading “to the South of the United States, according to information from Fox News” a map of Central and South America, in all countries, bear the name of Mexico.

but There was also serious criticism of the news channel: “it is Worthwhile to keep in mind that this is just an absurd/weird error, but also pretty seamlessly fit in with how many on Fox News in Latin American countries, see, talk about and reports,” tweeted green the journalist Vera mountain.

And your professional colleague, Jessica Fletcher asked the rhetorical question: “do you Want to say that all Latin American countries look the same?”

The wind out of the social media remained at Fox News do not go unnoticed. In a statement, Ed Henry, later apologized. “Now, we want to clarify something and correct what happened previously in the Show,” said the Moderator. “We had an inaccurate graphics on the screen. […] We just want to make it clear that the means for the three Central American countries are reduced. We apologize for the error. He would never have allowed to happen.”