The U.S. President as a big winner from the investigation by Robert Mueller against Donald trump’s Team and him personally. Two years of the special investigator had investigated as to whether Russia is up to in the US elections of 2016, interfered, perhaps, with trump’s campaign team cooperated, and whether the U.S. President has made in the obstruction of justice guilty because he fired FBI chief James Comey. The most important question, Mueller comes to the conclusion: not Cooperated Trumps Team and Russia according to the current evidence. On the question of obstruction of Justice, Mueller determines that there is evidence for and against. Minister of justice, William Barr, a renowned Trump trailer, assumed in this case, the Interpretation: here, Too, Trump had nothing wrong.

The President had referred to the investigation in the past few years, as a “witch hunt” against him and of the “Russia-dizziness” (engl. russia hoax). Now it looks confirmed. A “complete and total RELIEF” was the report by Mueller, Trump. But how to arrange the American media the report? Or better: what is so far known about him?

Liberal media cling to the Straw of obstruction of Justice

The trump-critical media report in detail on the part of the investigation, in which Mueller does not definitively wanted to determine: the possible obstruction of Justice. The “New York Times titled” on Monday, a prominently placed message: “the report ends just before the discharge Trumps in terms of obstruction of Justice”. Not next to it: “Barr decision, the President, to acquit, to the core of the political debate”. Even the “NYT” but I have to admit at the top of the Homepage that the report “erased the shadows on trump’s presidential”.

special report

special report provides no evidence of collusion with Moscow – Trump gets thinner


The “Washington Post” tries, already in the Headlines, always to illuminate both pages: “Republicans celebrate, Democrats doubt Mueller’s results,” it says at the top of the Homepage on Monday morning (local time). “Special investigator finds no conspiracy, but avoids the question of disability”, is it directly below it. Also in the capital sheet, the focus is on a further possible obstruction of Justice. Experts would question Barr’s reason for discharge Trumps.

In the case of CNN, one of the Favorite targets of President Trump, the obstruction of Justice less present. In any of the Headings on the home page at all. “Trump’s presidency in a new Era”, it says at the very top. Mueller have made Trump “a great gift”, in a analysis much more below.

All of these media had speculated reported in the past few years, about the Details of the investigation, in part, about possible impeachment proceedings against Trump and were criticized by him over and over again violently. Several times he called the media “enemies of the people”. Explicitly Fox News was excluded. It is no wonder that Donald Trump on Twitter is celebrating its great victory, with a Video-Bites from Fox News and a quote from one of the Moderators of the transmitter. This was “a good day for America,” citing Trump’s TV-man Bret Baier. No Americans have “made the conspiracy with Russia is guilty”.

Fox News, and the “Titanic of the media-disasters”

While Baier formulated still sober, a celebration of Fox News ‘ the victory Trumps the Homepage of the transmitter and the TV-formats in full. In the case of trump’s favorite show “Fox and Friends” is from a “Mainstream-media-in spite of the attack” (engl. meltdown). The Tenor of the media such as CNN or the “Post” would want to write many months of impeachment proceedings, and were now, in spite of mode, because your Narrative won’t hold. You would desperately try to hold on to the story, and now to the alleged obstruction of Justice falls.

Mueller report completed

In case of doubt against doubt? The sensitive role of Minister of justice Barr in the Russia-investigation

With a similar zeal, the Fox News of the competition, accused, celebrated the transmitter is now what he considers a defeat of the competition. At the top of the Fox News website has a listing of the allegedly worst Press flaunts on Monday morning (local time) failures during the Mueller investigation. In the opinion section of the investigation, “the dirtiest Trick in the political story” is called. The “Russia-lie” had destroyed the confidence of Americans in the Demokrate, is elsewhere. Besides, no one should expect that the media would apologize for their “delusions”. The reporting on the subject was the “Titanic of the media-disasters”.

Trump and Fox News go on the Offensive

In a number of short messages be allowed to Trump pendant unfiltered their way to spread. So Trump consultant Kelly Anne Conway is calling for the resignation of a well-known democratic Trump-critic in Congress. Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says that “the Democrats had once again lost against Trump”, “at the expense of the Americans.” A Fox News commentator is in a prominent position with a murmur the question, how long Mueller already knew, that there was no collusion given.

investigation of the FBI special investigator

Trump “totally” in the clear? A sentence in the Mueller report is likely to for discussion concerns


Trump, shortly after the first results are spoken of an “illegal investigation”. In step with the President from Fox News goes on the Offensive. In several Places, it is required that examines should be, how this “fraud” have ever started and who was responsible.

also, in principle, trump-friendly Portal “Breitbart” crashed in a proven manner on the statements of political opponents who could make the best use of a trump-friendly Agenda. On Monday morning (local time) on top of the Portal, the message about a former Obama-Berathe said that there is due to the Mueller-results “Progressives and Democrats” a high “Level of sadness, disappointment, and confusion”. The author of the text files, these rates are also the same: the Democrats had power itself for months, to have the choice not to be lost. But now you would confronted “with the reality, although probably too late”.

sources: Fox News / CNN / Breitbart / New York Times / Washington Post