After the crash of a small plane in the South of Hesse with three dead, the investigation into the cause of accidents continue to go on (today) Monday. The Federal office for flight accident investigations had already been on Sunday turned on. On Monday morning, the recovery of the bodies to begin. In the night, this was not because of the darkness, said a police spokesman. Also, tracks could not be secured. The machine was brought down on Sunday afternoon at spring weather in a asparagus field at Erzhausen near Darmstadt, Germany, and immediately burned out (read more here about the background). Why the plane crashed, is yet unclear.

Russian experts want to help after plane crash in investigations of the causes of

late On Sunday evening became known first information about the Victims: the prominent Russian Businesswoman Natalia Filjowa on Board. The co-owner of the S7 airline, died at the age of 55 years in the case of the accident, the company said the German press Agency in Moscow. “This is an irreplaceable loss,” said a spokeswoman. Filjowa was an inspiring Manager, and a wonderful woman. Russian experts should help in the investigations on the cause of the accident, said the S7 spokeswoman.

plane crash in the state of Hesse

Russian millionaire among victims – the police had an accident on the way to use


The 55-Year-old was 2018, according to the U.S. “Forbes” magazine as the fourth richest woman in Russia with an estimated fortune of 600 million dollars (almost 535 million euros) and thus ranked 172 in the ranking list. According to the Russian “Forbes”Portal Filjowa since the 1990s in the aviation business. In 1998, she had become the controlling shareholders of Siberia Airlines, which was formed from a subsidiary of Aeroflot, and since may 2006 as S7 Airlines operates. In the following years, the family was expanding companies, in the year 2016, among other things, the space companies, Sea Launch was acquired for approximately $ 150 million. S7 Airlines run every day, about 120 flights, more than a third of them were from Moscow.

Russian media according to Filjowas father was in the plane. The police have not confirmed the identities of first – language but of two Russian nationals. To the pilot of the machine, there was initially no information.

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