In a Hamburg supermarket, the four-year-old Jonathan touched on the cash register, a metal railing, and gets an electric shock to the consequences, he dies a day later. Negligent homicide by omission, the district court of Hamburg-Harburg has condemned the two market operators on Thursday to ten months ‘ imprisonment on probation.

The 44-Year-old and his 48-year-old sister would have their Monitoring and control duties violated, says the judge to the misfortune of 31. In may 2016. A specialist company that could no longer be determined, have laid a LED transformer sloppy. According to the court, the probation period is three years. In this time, the defendant is 600 Euro must be paid monthly to the state Treasury, her brother, the 500 Euro.

“It would have had the defendants as a technical layman to impose, that there were defects in the entire system,” explains the judge. Especially as the desolate condition of the electrical Installation had been in the market for a long time obviously. Company, you choose, it is necessary to carefully monitor.

“Hamburg mourns the death of Jonathan”, – observers see in court, no remorse for market operators

While the reasoning of the judgment is not yet final, on the faces of the accused, no emotion. The opportunity to take a short time before the judgment, the last word, you have let it go. Real repentance, you have not seen the market operators, their Regrets would you have expressed in the process with only their defender, complained to the co-plaintiff representative.

Severe brain damage

girl in a coma: eleven-year-old wants to turn off the water tap and suffers electric shock

On the final Day the auditorium is full. Outside the courthouse, photos of the boys to hang, burn, candles. On signs in Hamburg “mourns the loss of Jonathan” or “rest in peace, little angel”. In the proceedings both parties had been made bitter accusations, of mutual threats through social media. The defender stated during the process, you’ve hoped to do in the next to claim in vain for a “handout”. Attempts, compassion, expressions of the failure. The electrical work had been carried out by a specialized company, to which the market would have to leave the operator.

“No judgment, no punishment can be seated to soothe the pain”

The accused with a petrified expression, Jonathan’s father. The mother has not been for weeks in the courtroom. According to the words of your lawyer is too onerous for the woman to have severe depression. “No verdict, no sentence can ease the pain,” says the judge.

On the day of the accident the father had taken to the work of two of his kids shopping in the supermarket, in the district of Harburg. As he described in the process of the accident, and even the last breath of his son’s attempts at imitation, were sobbing up several members in the audience. It was admirable, as objectively and calmly to the father as a witness had managed to describe the Events, stressed the judge.

The Turk and his sister, who has the German nationality, are both previously convicted. The prosecution had demanded for the defendant a sentence of one year in prison on probation. The defense wanted to achieve an acquittal.

Stephanie Lettgen / fs / DPA