That would be something. A great Parade! On 4. July, independence day! Motto: “Salute to America”! A Feast for patriots and all who want to be there. And, in the best case, the Event will take muses, nor to a Tradition, Donald Trump in a Cabinet on Tuesday.

The US President thinks big. At least that is the impression that will seem to hang. But (also) in this case, do not hang will remain: Because of trump’s vision for the future of a large Parade on the 4th July is actually old hat – there is the Event in principle. Every year the Independence Day is celebrated with marching bands, giant balloons and a military show in Washington. Actually, according to the taste of Trump, the envy of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron his ceremony.

Not the first and only project that wants to implement Trump in the fact – although, there is this. The “New York Magazine” has worn three other examples.

Donald trump’s startling inventiveness

So Trump has also been in November 2018, to a large impact: After a unpleasant because of a critical report by the US broadcaster CNN, the intimate enemy of the U.S. President, presented to Trump his idea for a “world-wide network of the world shows how we really are”. The media company under the Auspices of the United States, the envisioned Trump, soon-to-be in 80 years on the air Since 1942, the government’s official international broadcaster, Voice of America, during the Second world war, founded reports, about the USA in all over the world. News, information and Cultural programmes are produced in 43 other languages and disseminated.

Or in June 2017, as Trump suggested that migrants in the first five years as a U.S. citizen should not receive social assistance. Also an idea that was already implemented, and in fact, The law (Personal Responsibility and Work Upportunity Reconciliation Act) been in force since 1996.

In February 2018 Trump made about how you could reduce the amok runs in the US. His proposal: a rating system for movies and video games in which violence is represented. This rating system is been living for decades: The MPAA System, the age rating of films, like in Germany, the FSK, the ESRB regulates video games in the United States.

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