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Five Dead in fire in Nuremberg (7.55 PM) Guaidó calls for Anti-Maduro rally (5.07 p.m.)report: Amazon wants to start new supermarket chain (3.05 PM)Maas, aircraft breakdown, with 20 hours delay in Berlin landed (0.55 PM)+++ 7.55 am: Five people die in fire in Bavaria +++

In the case of the fire in a Nuremberg house, four children and a woman are killed. “An infant died in the hospital; three children aged four, five and seven years, died at the fire scene,” said a police spokeswoman on Saturday morning. A 34-year-old woman did not survive the fire. Four other people were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The fire broke out early in the Morning, in the single-family house in Nuremberg’s industrial area. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. “We currently do not have any information on arson, determine, but in all directions,” said the police spokesperson.

+++ 6.27 PM: Canadian government conducts extradition proceedings against Huawei Manager a +++

The canadian government has set the course for the delivery of the Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in the United States. The Ministry of justice in Ottawa on Friday, according to their own statements, formally, the conditions for Extradition were met. China criticized the action of the canadian authorities as politically motivated.

The chief financial officer of smart phone and technology giants had been taken at the beginning of December, on the initiative of the USA in the Western canadian city of Vancouver. You free came later, against the payment of a million bail and under strict conditions. The US government accuses Meng violations of the Iran sanctions. The daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei was charged therefore at the end of January together with your company in Federal court in New York.

+++ 5.07 PM: Venezuela: Guaidó calls for Anti-Maduro rally +++

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó has called for renewed protests against the government of the state chief, Nicolás Maduro, carnival days in the coming week. “We will transform the Tradition of the carnival in a large protest action,” said Guaidó in Buenos Aires after Meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

Guaidó had come on his South American tour earlier on Friday morning in Asuncion with Paraguay head of state Mario Abdó Benítez. On Saturday he wanted to speak in Quito with the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, declared the interim President. In Lima it is expected then, according to local media on Sunday.

+++ 4.13 PM: After the fire disaster in Poland: “Escape Rooms” nationwide +++

checks Two months after the fire, in a Polish “Escape Room” with five dead in Germany, in many places, the safety in similar institutions have been controlled. “All operators have nationwide reviewed their concepts, a large part also got a visit from the building Department and the fire Department,” said Martin Sommer, project Manager of the Association of the Live Escape & Adventure Games (LEAG), the German press Agency. In an Escape game the participants have to solve under time pressure puzzles in order to free himself from confined spaces. Popular the celebrations for corporate and birthday parties.

+++ 3.05 PM: report: Amazon wants to start new supermarket chain +++

The Online retail giant Amazon is to open, according to a report in the newspaper, dozens of new supermarkets in several major US cities. The first branch should already be the end of the year in the West coast metropolis of Los Angeles opened the doors, wrote the “Wall Street Journal” on Friday (local time), citing the Insider. For two more shops to go at the beginning of next year, at the Start, had already been leases signed. A statement from Amazon, it was first. The group of Tech entrepreneurs, Jeff Bezos, the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods is already one of the new stores should not arise according to the report, but under this brand and other, cheaper products.

+++ 2.30 PM: Broken machine brought to submit to London Stansted airport temporarily lame +++

A defective aircraft operating at London Stansted airport on Friday evening, temporarily to a Standstill. The Crew of a Lauda motion machine had to cancel the launch of their aircraft due to engine problems in the evening, as it was said in a Tweet to the airline. The passengers were still on the tarmac to Exit the machine asked. Eight passengers suffered minor injuries, such as an airport, a spokesman for the British news Agency reported PA.

eyewitnesses said PA, by a “loud Bang”, a few seconds after the aircraft had accelerated to the Start. The airport remained around three hours locked. Later the operation was taken up again

+++ 1.14 PM: grandson dead: Brazil Ex-President Lula is permitted for the funeral out of prison +++

in Brazil due to corruption of imprisoned Ex-President Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva allowed to leave for the funeral of his grandson the prison. The judiciary was held on Friday evening (local time) on a corresponding request of his lawyers, as the news portal Uol reported. The seven-year-old grandson of the media was reported to be in São Paulo at noon to a brain inflammation of the skin died.

will have How long Lula free gear, was initially not known. Other Details remained out of consideration for the privacy of the family secret, it said. The 73-Year-old, of Brazil, had ruled from 2003 to the end of 2010, sits in a prison in the city of Curitiba in the South of the country many years of imprisonment.

+++ 0.55 PM: Maas, aircraft breakdown, with 20 hours delay in Berlin + landed++

After his plane Panne in the West African state of Mali foreign Minister Heiko Maas with 20 hours of delay on returning to Berlin. His replacement machine landed in the night to Saturday at midnight at the airport Tegel. Due to the hydraulic damage to its Airbus A319 of the German armed forces, the foreign Minister had to extend his 40-member Delegation on his trip to Africa one day. The flight readiness sent a larger replacement machine of type A340.

Maas took it calmly: “Because the world’s not going to. And in a way, that’s part of the Job.” In the past few months, there had been breakdowns at the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr. The most spectacular German Chancellor Angela Merkel met at the end of November. You had to repent on the way to Buenos Aires with their A340 “Konrad Adenauer” and with the line on the G20 summit to fly. There, they came a day late. For Maas, it was the first breakdown after more than 300 000 flight miles in den first eleven months of his term.

+++ 0.21 o’clock: brother of Strasbourg-assassin Chekatt arrested +++

A brother of the Strasbourg-assassin Chérif Chekatt has been taken after an “alarming” Facebook-message. The 38-year-old Malek Chekatt had been taken in Strasbourg in custody, it was reported that the circles of French investigators. As the Strasbourg newspaper “Les Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace” reported on its website, posted in the brother of the Christmas market-be assassin to a photo, which shows him to be heavily armed, and attack threats. The 29-year-old Chekatt, a Frenchman with Algerian roots, had on 11. December, shot in the vicinity of the Strasbourg Christmas market at passers-by with a knife attacked. Five people were killed. After a two-day manhunt Chekatt of the police was shot. He had sworn in front of his fact, the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) Fidelity.

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