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the Dutch Minister resigns Four arrests in Neumünster due to financial IS-support (9.48 PM), less and less refugees, members get to Germany (8.36 PM), due to report on asylum-crime (3.24 p.m.) U.S. government: notes on new chemical weapons attack by the Assad troops (0.02 PM)

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+++ 11: 30 a.m.: thousands on the escape due to forest fires in Canada +++

Almost 5000 people have in the canadian province of Alberta due to multiple forest fires in the media that their houses need to leave. The situation in the communities of Chateh and Slave Lake, where on Tuesday, four new fires broke out, watching me. Reports of damage or casualties it was not initially. The cause of the fires was not immediately known. The fires raging for the past two days. You have already spread on an area of about 800 square kilometers, as the U.S. broadcaster CNN reported. That is almost the size of Berlin. The fire Department was, among other things, fire-fighting aircraft, and heavy equipment to extinguish the flames. Dryness of the beneficiary but that the risk of fire increases still.

+++ 11.29 PM: Chinese Airlines will demand compensation from Boeing for the 737 Max +++

Chinese airlines are demanding compensation from the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing, because their machines of the type 737 Max will need to stay after the two crash on the floor. As Chinese state media reported, the request of Air China, China Southern and China Airlines Eastern as soon as possible negotiations with Boeing through a compensation plan for your failures. In the case of the crash of two Boeing 737 Max of Ethiopian Airlines and the Indonesian airline Lion Air, a total of 346 people were killed. In both cases, the incorrect Software may have been responsible, so since then a start prohibition for the passenger jet is.

+++ 11.19 PM: charges against alleged IS a member of the front of the higher regional court of Düsseldorf +++

A 26-year-old German to answer allegations of membership of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) before the higher regional court of Düsseldorf. The Federal Prosecutor’s office brought against you in the indictment before the state security Senate, as the authority announced in Karlsruhe. The Accused should have 2014 the IS in Syria and married there, according to the office of the attorney General a IS fighters. The two also had a child. She was arrested in February 2017 in Turkey. In November 2018, it has been taken in the Bochum festival and sitting since then in custody.

+++ 10.42 am: the Federal election of Director: election letters to the European elections, immediately +++

The Federal returning officer has called on the postal voters of their choice of letters for the European elections immediately to send, so that you arrive in good time. send The letters should be arrived to Sunday at 18.00 in the case of the competent Authorities, informed his office on Wednesday in Wiesbaden. Only then the vote could be counted. The Federal returning officer shall recommend to the ballot on Wednesday or Thursday send off. Voters also have the possibility of the choice of the letter in the envelope the printed address to submit.

+++ 10.12 PM: President Duterte emerged strengthened from the Philippine mid-term elections +++

In the case of the Philippine elections President Rodrigo Duterte expanded his Power further. After the end of the elections of 13 results. In may, there is in the 24-member Senate, only four members of the opposition – of the twelve to be awarded Seats, nine went to Duterte-trailer, three to Independent. The President, because of his brutal rhetoric and methods of international dispute, in the own population, but extremely popular, will also retain control of the house of Commons. With the new majority, the President may exercise by him already in the election campaign, announced the re-introduction of the death penalty for drug offences and change the Constitution so that he could remain among other things, about the regular end of its mandate in 2022 in the office.

+++ 9.48 PM: Four arrests in Neumünster due to financial IS-support +++

on suspicion of financial support of a terrorist group, four people in Neumünster have been arrested. “I can confirm that the four arrest warrants at the court of appeal because of the support of the IS,” said the Hamburg Prosecutor Nana from Bach. Previously, the “Kieler Nachrichten had reported” that the Four should have supported the “Islamic state” with payments. The money in the five-figure range should have taken a woman from Schleswig-Holstein, who emigrated to Syria and the IS connected, 2017 in reception. It is a so-called Gefährderin. The detained community is accused of “support to a foreign terrorist organization,” said from Bach. You sit in detention.

+++ 9.42 PM: the government crisis in Austria: the swearing-in of new Ministers at the noon +++

Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen wants to swear in on midday, the transitional government under Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). After the Bursting of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition, the defence must -, the-, the Social and the Ministry of transport to be re-occupied. Among the names that are not yet officially confirmed, are also SPÖ-close to former top officials. This is seen as a Signal to the social Democrats, the Assembly’s planned censure motion against the Chancellor not to agree. The Opposition now has the votes, however, is enough to overthrow for a Brief moment on Monday. As the FPÖ and the SPÖ behavior, is not sure yet.

+++ 8.55 PM: man in Brazil kills Ex-girlfriend and storming out of the Church – four of the Dead +++

A man has been stabbed to death in the Southeast of Brazil, according to media reports, his Ex-girlfriend and then in a nearby Church of the three people shot and killed. The 39-Year-old Ex-members of the military broke into the house of God in the city of Paracatu in the state of Minas Gerais, in order to kill the Pastor, who was married to his Ex-girlfriend, as the news portal “Globo” reported, citing the police. The chaplain was able to escape. Alerted security forces shot the alleged perpetrator. He was badly brought injured to the hospital. Applied to people in an attempt to storm “Globo”, according to the hospital, to get revenge on the man.

+++ 8.36 PM: fewer and fewer refugees, members get to Germany +++

The number of relatives that were descendants of refugees to Germany, is in the course of the past two years has dropped significantly. So the 17 322 people from the six main countries of origin of refugees were, according to the foreign office in the first quarter of 2017 is still a visa. In the firstquarter of this year, there were only 7402 people – although with Somalia, in the meantime, the seven main countries of origin were included in the statistics. The largest group of more than 5000 people came recently from Syria, with a large distance followed by nationals from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen.

+++ 8.35 PM: the charges against the suspects after the murder of US Rapper for Hussle +++

In the case of the murdered American rapper for Hussle a Grand Jury has charged in the California indictment against a 29-year-old suspect. After notification of the State e R e the man for murder, you must murder, illegal possession of a firearm and assault in two other cases, the responsibility tried. The defendant pleaded according to the authorities, a verdict of not guilty. The 33-year-old Hussle (“Victory Lap”) was on the 31. March in a Parking lot in Los Angeles, had been shot. The shots were fired in front of a clothing shop, whose co-owner was a Hussle. Two other men were injured. The alleged perpetrator, who fled the scene, was arrested two days later in Los Angeles.

+++ 8.11 PM: Green government, criticize the policy of the coal exit +++

Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter has criticized the policy of the Federal government to the Coal phase-out. “The Federal government is on the cart before the horse,” he said of the “Rheinische Post”. “Of course, the exit strategy from Coal-affected regions need to be supported, but now she puts together a financial package, without having to bring the coal phaseout,” he continued. Need an overall strategy for the implementation of the decisions of the so-called coal Commission. The Cabinet looks on Wednesday, first with the vertices of a “structural strengthening law coal regions,” with those of the economic upheaval in the affected areas will be addressed. Overall, the Federal government will provide up to 40 billion euros in the next 20 years. Up to the summer break, the Federal government intends to adopt the relevant draft law.