Four members of the right-wing populist German party AfD are attacked according to police in Berlin by a group, beaten, and partly to have been injured.

The five to seven attackers had attacked late Sunday evening, the AfD-politician, according to their statements, in the vicinity of the Berlinale-cinema “International”, said a police spokeswoman on Monday on request. Two of the four victims had been injured by blows with the fist or a in a cloth bag hidden object easily. Both the 27 and the 31-year-old Beaten had refused treatment in the hospital and had been treated on site.

they had been on the way to the cinema. Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick had invited supporters of the party to a free visit of the documentary film “The secret archive in the Warsaw Ghetto” in the context of the film festival.

The 27-Year-old has received according to police, a head bandage. With this, he was later in front of the cinema, as reported by witnesses. He accused Antifa members, to be responsible for the Robbery. Reasons for this assumption he called. The police are searching for the perpetrators, and still has no evidence of this.