It started with two of the 150 Seats in the Dutch lower house: In the Parliament election in 2017, the young philosopher Thierry could Baudet and the lawyer Theo Hiddema move in for the first time with the “Forum for democracy” (FvD) in the Parliament. The 36-year-old party leader is Baudet as the figurehead of the movement, which began as a think-tank. He is smart, cultured and charming, writes the newspaper “Rheinische Post”.

The young party has set an Agenda for the other right-wing populist parties is very similar to that: More involvement of the Dutch political decision-making, less influence of the European Union and the Power of the “political elites” to reduce, to the Dutch radio channel NPO. However, the “Forum for democracy“ is for a more restrictive immigration policy. Baudet warns in his program in front of a “homeopathic dilution” of the population.

the rights of a party in the ascendant

Other items on the agenda are according to the website of the party the re-introduction of border controls, tougher penalties for violent crimes, a Reform of public broadcasting, the promotion of the Dutch culture and the direct election of the Prime Minister. With the landslide victory at the regional elections could establish the “Forum for democracy” now and makes a shift to the right in the political landscape. In the meantime, the Forum, according to the “Rheinische Post” even more members than the government party, the VVD of Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The 570 in the province of the members, who were elected by the current regional options, select, in turn, in may, the 75 senators of the First chamber, wherein the FvD receives projections from twelve seats. This First chamber of the German Bundesrat compared. Strong losses of the right-wing populist Geert Wilders suffered with his anti-Islam party PVV. His party won only five seats. Thierry Baudet said on election night, to the applause of his followers, the “arrogance and stupidity” of the government parties were punished. He threw the Rutte-government, they have left the borders of the Netherlands, “wide open”.

sources: “Forum voor Democratie”, NPO, NOS, news agencies DPA and AFP