The recovery of the SPD in the polls seems to be already finished. As the election research group, the Forsa-Institute, registered as a repeated return of the social Democrats fall.

According to the on Monday published a “trend barometer” of RTL and n-tv, the party loses to the previous week, a percentage point and now stands at 16 percent. The week before, the SPD was able to increase after your course correction in social policy two percentage points.

In the ZDF”political barometer” of the research group elections she was like before back from 16 to 15 percent, while the Emnid-Institute, had they seen stable at 19 percent. The Union wins at Forsa a point, and 30 percent (“politbarometer”: 31/plus-1).

The Greens will lose at Forsa a point, with 20 per cent, but stable second-strongest party. The FDP comes to 9 (minus 1), the Left in 7 (plus one) per cent. The AfD remains at 12 percent.