Because he is supposed to have blackmailed the sports article manufacturer Nike, has been taken by the U.S. attorney Michael Avenatti temporarily. The defender, who represented, among other things, a porn actress Stormy Daniels in her legal dispute with U.S. President Donald Trump, should have tried to have more than 20 million dollars (18 million euros), Nike blackmailed. In the case of a conviction in a decades-long prison sentence threatens him. Meanwhile, Avenatti is subject to conditions, again on free foot.

The 48-Year-old is said to have threatened at a Meeting with Nike lawyers to make allegations of misconduct in the sporting group open to the public. The indictment says he threatened in a phone call, a publication of the allegations, could reduce the market value of Nike is “ten billion dollars”. He had demanded for his Silence, finally 22.5 million dollars. On Twitter Avenatti said then that he wanted to make a big scandal in the US high school and College Basketball around Nike public.


Avenatti released was released on bail of 300 000 $ (about 265 000 Euro). In addition, he had to surrender his passport and cannot contact a witness whose Name remained anonymous, tweeted to the channel CNN.

“If lawyers use their law license as a weapon, as a pretext to force payments, then you no longer act like lawyers,” said the New York state attorney Geoffrey Berman. “You act like criminals, and they will be held accountable for your behaviour.” Avenatti told reporters outside the courthouse in New York, he was convinced, to be fully exonerated.”I will never stop fighting this good fight.”

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become known At the same time, the Prosecutor’s office in Los Angeles charges against Avenatti raised. There him of fraud levelled. Nike stated that the company had at the time, as Avenatti, the company has tried to blackmail, for a long time with the investigators worked together. “Nike can not be blackmailed and would hide any information in connection with a government investigation.”

Michael Avenatti gained notoriety when he made the alleged affair of Stormy Daniels with a Trump to the public and hush money payments Trumps were made public. Avenatti had been in the autumn of last year on suspicion of domestic violence in the short term. The allegations were not substantiated but. Avenatti also works as a victim advocate in the case, the abuse allegations against the US singer R. Kelly. The defender is so prominent, that to him have been said to have even has ambitions to be a presidential candidacy.

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