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Jörg Schönbohm is dead (13.58 hours), and the German-French compromise in the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 (11.53 am)Meth for 800 million euros – “Ice Tsunami” (8.33 PM)Five Dead in house fire in Rhineland-Palatinate (5.42)the crown Prince should have spoken in front of Khashoggi-the murder of the “ball” against journalists (2.34 PM)

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+++ 13.58 PM: Former Minister Jörg Schönbohm +++

Jörg Schönbohm, former Berlin Senator for the interior and former Minister of interior of Brandenburg, is dead. For many years, the CDU-politician had died in the night of Friday, at the age of 81 years, told the Brandenburg CDU, thus confirming a report by radio B2.

+++ 13.34 PM: 14 Dead in house collapse in Istanbul – eight Missing +++

In the case of the collapse of a high residential building in Istanbul came to Stand at least 14 people were killed. The reported interior Minister Süleyman Soylu in the afternoon – two days after the collapse of the house was different, according to seven or eight floors. A further eight people were still missing, said Soylu. 14 residents are alive and safe.

+++ 13.17 PM: demolition of the misfortune bridge in Genoa begins +++

a year and A half after the collapse of the highway bridge in Genoa is the demolition of the Remains of the viaduct begins. “This is an important step with high symbolic value,” said the mayor of the Italian port city, Marco Bucci. Until the evening should be removed in a complicated action, an approximately 40-Meter-long section of the Western Remnant is about 45 meters in height.

On the 14. August 2018, the viaduct, the Morandi bridge was known to crash. Numerous vehicles were ripped to a depth of. 43 people were killed. The Prosecutor’s office determined against 20 persons, as well as against the motorway operator Autostrade per l’italia. The reconstruction of a new bridge of the star architect Renzo Piano, is originally from Genoa directs.

+++ 12.59 PM: Six arrested in Ghana after the murder of a journalist +++

After the murder of an investigative journalist who was involved in the uncovering of a major corruption scandal in Ghanaian football, has been arrested six Suspects. They had been interviewed, and meanwhile, released on bail, said police spokesman David Eklu. Details about the Suspects he did not name. The investigation of the murder case are still on-going.

Unknown attackers had shot and killed the prominent Reporter Ahmed Hussein-Suale around three weeks ago. He had participated in a revealing television report, which paints a picture of how far the propagator of corruption in football in Ghana and other African countries.

+++ 12.15 PM: at Least 28 Dead due to adulterated liquor in India +++

at Least 28 people have died in India on the consumption of adulterated alcohol. The victims were from two neighboring districts in the North Indian States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the police announced. They had, therefore, the night before illegally manufactured liquor to drink, which is said to have originated from the same source. Several other people were in serious condition and were treated in hospitals. he consumption of drinking moonshine liquor is widespread in India. He is sold a lot cheaper than imported alcoholic beverages and the well-established Indian brands. Again and again, the liquor industry is made of alcohol or other substances, which can lead to severe poisoning. According to official data, around 1,000 people die in India every year on the consumption of adulterated alcohol.

+++ 12.12 PM: Gabriel large coalition is in question +++

to draw The long-time SPD Chairman Sigmar Gabriel advises his party to put an end to the Grand coalition seriously. The SPD should consider whether the coalition agreement “is sufficiently focused on the challenges of tomorrow,” Gabriel said the “mirror”. “My feeling is that he is.” The SPD would have to compete for the modernisation of the economy, state and social security, said Gabriel. “If the CDU/CSU are ready to address these challenges, makes join the government sense. If not, you have to go.” In the autumn, probably at the party Congress in December, will advise the party of the so-called revision clause.

This was as a mid-term review of the coalition agreement of the CDU and the SPD have been agreed upon. It is so far unclear whether the SPD will formally vote on an exit from the coalition. There are also voices that a withdrawal could only be made on a new member survey. With the new surcharge for a billion-dollar basic pension for low earners and a shift away from Parts of the Hartz-IV-Reform, the leading SPD’s Andrea Nahles currently noticeable on a left profile of the course, the Union, the majority of the proposals rejected in the past.

+++ 12.02 PM: Ten Dead in fire in the youth Department of the football club Flamengo +++

In the case of a fire in a training center for the youth team of Brazilian football club Flamengo to at least ten people have been killed. This is the Portal for “O Globo” reported. Three people were injured, it said, citing the fire Department. The fire broke out in a sleeping accommodation for Junior players in the West of Rio de Janeiro. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. Flamengo is one of the most famous football clubs in Brazil.

+++ 11.53 am: the German-French compromise in the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 +++

Germany and France in their dispute over the gas pipeline Nord Stream have 2 beige. Berlin and Paris were presented to the other EU member States a new proposal for the Revision of the European Gas Directive, which the news Agency AFP. Accordingly, the responsibility for Pipelines would be with third States such as Russia in the EU country where the line for the first time on the European network.

+++ 10.54 PM: Bus with workers eight-Meter plunges to a depth of six Dead +++

at least six workers have been killed On the way home from a mine in a coal field in Siberia in a bus accident. The Bus was abandoned near the city of Mezhdurechensk of the road, turned over and eight meters in depth overthrown, informed the investigative Committee in the Kemerovo region. 16 workers were injured, some in critical condition. The cause of the accident was not immediately known. The authorities also investigated whether the driver had fulfilled all the safety regulations and the Bus was suitable for the transportation of mine workers.

+++ 10.32 PM: billionaire Branson wants to start in July in their own space ship into space +++

the chief of The private Raumfahrtunternehmens Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, wants to start in the summer in their own space ship into space. He wishes that the flight with the 50. Anniversary of the moon landing in July, for the event, said the British billionaire in Washington. The entrepreneur had already announced on several occasions his first flight into space, the appointments, however, always pass. Now the preparations were finished but almost, said Branson. Until July, his company will complete “enough test flights”. The next Start was for the 20. February provided.

+++ 10.20 PM: fire drama in Lambrecht: No evidence of foreign influence +++

When a fire in a multi-family home in Rhineland-Palatinate, Lambrecht with five dead there are, after preliminary investigations, no evidence of influence from the outside. It was assumed that the fire was due to a technical Defect or negligence, informed the Prosecutor’s office.

The investigation into the cause of the fire will continue because of the large amount of fire-extinguishing foam, the result could only be in a few days. The cause of death of the five victims to be addressed at the time of an autopsy. The dead have not yet been identified beyond doubt. To said rumors, the site of the fire, if it were Polish citizens, the public Prosecutor’s office that this was “pure speculation”.

+++ 9.50 PM: process for the murder of Susanna starts at 12. March in Wiesbaden +++

The process against the alleged killer of 14-year-old Susanna from Mainz starts on 12. March in front of the regional court Wiesbaden. The court opened the main proceedings against the 21-year-old Suspect, Ali B., as on Friday, it was reported. The prosecution was authorised without restrictions. The district court set trial dates until the beginning of may. However, more dates are expected to follow.

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses to have the 14-year-old Susanna F. from Mainz at the end of may 2018, and treachery, murdered, raped. The girl’s body was found two weeks after the Disappearance of the girl. The case also caused political stir. B. confessed to the killing of the girl, but denied rape. In addition, he has been accused of two more rapes.

+++ 9.04 PM: reports: elite soldier of the German armed forces under the right-wing suspicion +++

suspended, The Bundeswehr has been suspended according to media reports, a soldier of the elite troop KSK under right-wing extremism is suspected. As the “Bild-Zeitung”and the “mirror” reported, was against the Colonel for a service-Lieutenant – and uniform ban. The “Bild”newspaper, according to the KSK-a founding member in fell in the Wake of the investigations against the right-wing German soldiers Franco A., the should have planned a stop. In monitored phone calls of the KSK is said to have a soldier that the state will no longer have the position due to the large number of refugees in the handle. Therefore, the things would have to be taken in the Hand.

+++ 9.02 PM: a 46-Year-old in the Saarland on the open road +++

In the Saarland, Püttlingen, a 46-year-old man has been shot shot on the open road. A 57-year-old Suspect was taken after the fact by the Thursday evening at the crime scene, the police announced. The murder weapon was not, therefore, a gun, more people came to harm. The background and the motive of the act was initially unclear. The police are investigating.

+++ 8.33 PM: the Meth for 800 million euros discovered – “Ice Tsunami” + + +

With the discovery of more than 1.7 tons of Meth-amphetamine in the USA, the police have made a major blow against the international drug Mafia. The drug was discovered in two shipping containers, which were to be smuggled from California to Australia, as the Australian police said. In addition, 25 kilograms of cocaine and five kilograms of Heroin were seized. The market value of the drugs stands at a total of more than 800 million euros.

The Meth-amphetamine, also known as Meth, Crystal Meth or Ice, was already on 9. January ensured, even before it was ready to be shipped. The Fund had not been announced by the Australian authorities so far. In Melbourne were arrested on Thursday six Suspects, along with four Australians, a US-American, and an American. In the case of a conviction of life in prison. The investigators, according to a drug cartel from Mexico that operates with criminal motorcycle Gangs in the USA and accomplices in Australia, behind the delivery. A police spokesman in Melbourne said the Fund could be used to prevent an “Ice Tsunami” on Australia, breaking in. So many millions of the drugs had been stopped-shops. The Designer drug is also widely used in Australia.

+++ 8.15 PM: Germany’s exports in 2018 at new record high +++

Germany’s exports have achieved in the past year despite increasing trade disputes, a new record high. The company carried out in 2018 to a value of just 1,318 trillion euros, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced on the basis of preliminary calculations. The were 3.0 percent more than in the previous year. Imports rose year-on-year by 5.7 percent to 1,090 trillion euros.

+++ 7.38 p.m.: 39-Year-old dies after fire in Rüsselsheim +++

In the case of an apartment fire in Rüsselsheim, Germany, died on Thursday evening, a man. The 39-Year-old could be jumped in panic because of the in an adjacent apartment, which erupted fire from his third-floor apartment located in the depth, informed the police headquarters South Hessen. The man had been found, therefore, lifeless, next to the house, resuscitation measures were unsuccessful. In the apartment investigators discovered a severely injured nine-year-old girl. The child came to the hospital. The cause of the fire was initially unclear, the police took over the investigation.

+++ 5.42 PM: Five Dead in house fire in Rhineland-Palatinate +++

In case of a fire in the attic of a multi-family home in Rhineland-Palatinate, Lambrecht, five people have been killed. “There are no children here,” said a police spokesman. For more information about the dead, he could not give. “It’s not yet all identified.”

The fire broke out on Thursday at 23.30, as the public Prosecutor of Frankenthal and the police informed the Bureau of the Rhine Palatinate. The fire cause of the fire in the district of Bad Dürkheim is still unclear. The fire was reported by residents out of the house, the spokesman said. The other apartments had been vacated. Injury would not have suffered the rest of the inhabitants. “Currently running damping-down work,” said the spokesman. The amount of property damage is reported from mseveral hundred thousand euros.

+++ 3.54 PM: Thai Junta chief and sister of the king occur in choice +++

In the parliamentary election in Thailand, want to apply for both Junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha, as well as Princess Ubolratana to the office of the government. Prayrut announced that the election in March as the candidate of the party, Phalang Pracharat for the office of the Prime Minister to compete. Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, the older sister of the king, is standing for the party Thai Raksa Chart, such as party chief Preechapol Pongpanich said.

+++ 3.13 PM: report: AfD wants to exclude former neukölln district Board +++

The AfD has launched a media report, according to a party exclusion proceedings against her former neukölln district Board Tilo Paulenz. The have decided to of the state Executive of the party, according to the newspaper “The world”. As a result, the contacts would have been called to the extreme-right Milieu. In particular, Paulenz is also called in the current report of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, according to which the AfD is used as a “test case”. There is, Paulenz was “in neo-Nazi Contexts, arisen”. According to the “world” is Paulenz also one of the suspects in a 2016 ongoing series of right-wing extremist attacks in Berlin-Neukölln.

The protection of the Constitution had declared the AfD in mid-January to a so-called test case, in the open-access sources to be evaluated. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution in the AfD “first actual evidence of” a against the free democratic basic order policy.

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