21 degrees and 19 degrees in Munich. Germany expected at the feast of Easter early summer temperatures. While the people can look forward to up to 14 hours of sunlight a day, the rising temperatures for the alert in the case of the municipalities, because the heat and bring the end of the drought in many places, the popular Easter fire in danger. There is an increased forest fire risk. Some authorities have already responded and the local Easter bonfire to be cancelled. To high the risk to surrounding forests.

According to the MDR corresponding to the Cancel came from Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. For example, in the district of Wittenberg, as well as in the circle of the Anhalt-Bitterfeld. In the district of Stendal, the forest fire danger level 4 – the second highest in the Ranking of the alert level for forest fires, the applicable even. In the circle of Wittenberg, the stage 3 applied.

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AFP Numerous Easter fire in Brandenburg, cancelled

In lower Saxony, it classifies the risk of possible forest fires is even higher. The German weather service (DWD) for the counties of Lüchow and Celle, the highest warning for forest fires (step 5). The highest forest fire hazard is, however, in Brandenburg, Germany. The sparsely populated province has large forest areas in a total of six counties, the DWD expects the highest risk for forest fires. Because a large Easter fire increases the risk of forest fires drastically, some authorities of the logical consequences and say the events. So were canceled, for example, in Wittstock, in the vicinity of the Müritz national Park, a total of 21 Easter fire.

Also in Berlin to respond to the warm, dry weather. The Senate administration has asked the citizens to a strict adherence to the smoke and grill ban in forested areas. Also discarded Zigarettenkipppen can quickly spark a fire. Who is not adhering to the bans, have to pay a penalty.

The the individual forest fire danger levels

mean to be able to the risk for a possible forest fire precisely, you should know how to behave during the respective stages. The meaning of the different categories:

level 1: There are no restrictions, the forest can be entered without concerns step 2: be careful in the forest, sources of ignition are to be avoided. Way with dry Vegetation only in case of emergency driving-level 3: Public ways should not be left level 4: Parking and tourist facilities could be closed, public fire places or barbecue grills are not allowed to level 5 used: authorities may block the forest, there is appropriate fire protection measures

initiated, Who noticed that a fire developed in the forest area, to report as soon as possible in the police or fire Department.

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