foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, wants to help with a visit to Afghanistan, efforts for a peace process in the crisis state. The SPD-politician arrived on Sunday evening for talks in the North of the country.

On Tuesday followed by a visit to an important neighbouring country of Pakistan. “With the trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, we want to put a clear message: Germany stands by its responsibility, we have taken over as the second-largest donor and troop-contributing countries in Afghanistan,” said Maas, who landed in Mazar-i-Sharif, where the Bundeswehr has your field camp Camp Marmal.

Germany is involved in the Nato training mission “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan with up to 1300 soldiers. The Nato and allied States to train Afghan security forces. Remarks by the US President, Donald Trump, wants a partial withdrawal of American soldiers from the country, have catered to the ally for uncertainty and anger. The U.S. government hopes that before the presidential election in Afghanistan in July, a peace is concluded agreement with the Islamist Taliban, the vast tracts of land control and for a number of years acts of terrorism commit.

With regard to the 20. July proposed direction-setting presidential election, said Maas, the trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan was an important Signal. In the efforts to achieve a peace process with the Taliban movement had come, also thanks to the Initiative of the United States. “Our goal is to assure the people that we continue to act for a peaceful solution to the conflict and the economic development of the Region,” says Maas.

it was Clear, but also, a peace process must must be be open to the people in Afghanistan, in fact, the way to a secure future. He could not be a return to a painful past. “What Afghanistan has achieved improvements in the area of human rights and the rule of law, but also for the living conditions of many, especially young women in the last few years, it is important to preserve,” said Maas. This is a prerequisite for the future cooperation.

An important key to a stable Afghanistan lies in Pakistan. Therefore, he wanted to advertise the talks in Islamabad for a closer cooperation between the two neighboring States. Pakistan’s secret services are suspected of supporting Islamist extremists in the Region to destabilize neighboring States.

In Pakistan, he will bring again the concern of the German government over the recent tensions with India, said Maas. “Pakistan and India need to keep their channels of dialogue open and to de-escalate,” said Maas. Greater stability in the Region, economic relations could benefit. Pakistan as a country with the sixth largest population of the earth is a Partner with important potential.

In a significant Change in its policy, the United States had taken in the last summer of direct talks with the Taliban to end the for more than 17 years-long conflict in Afghanistan. Prior to that, she had always said the rebels should negotiate directly with the Afghan government and a peace process had to take place under their leadership.

In the meantime, the sixth U.S.-Taliban round of talks, which will continue in the Gulf Emirate of Qatar now soon two weeks, Details of the withdrawal of international troops and the question of how it can be prevented that the country is a safe haven for terrorists. The United States is pushing for a ceasefire and the opening of direct talks with the Taliban, with the Afghan government, which the Taliban reject.

Recently it was said of the insurgents, it would be “step by step”. To be very careful and vigilant at all the progress. So far, there is still no agreement on a document or an agreement.