Jacynthe Cardin was amazed not bad: As the package opened their Amazon, it has a Taser and a spray can of pepper spray. The canadian had ordered for their cat a Bowl.

The woman from Montreal was fast. To file a complaint, instead of the goods and to the next post office to open, she gave the weapons to the police. The reason: Both the Taser and the pepper spray are prohibited in Canada. Who owns them, commits an offence.

“I have twice have to look closely to make sure it was really my package,” said Cardin, the channel CTV News. When the messenger had placed the package in front of her front door, she could not say exactly.

Amazon and Apple

Siri, and Alexa – why are wizard’s voice actually female?

DPA Amazon wants to after the Bowl

Amazon will allow a Statement of an unfortunate incident. Internally, the company would investigate where the error was. Cardins order came from the USA, presumably, the warehouse employees have glued a Barcode on the wrong package. According to CTV News Amazon wool to determine where the packet with the Bowl is gone.

According to the BBC, the police has destroyed both weapons now. Amazon have asked Cardi, not to send it back.