Finally, a hundred is indented and does what it’s supposed to. Locks with stable Baugittern the Area at the campsite, the fluttering previously only a plastic band. Uses a sniffer dog, and scours the Caravan of the alleged perpetrator again. The shepherd’s dog finds what has been overlooked in previous searches by the local police: another USB-Stick. Finally works here as it should.

Since the public was that a duration has been out of print for a camper in North Rhine-Westphalia over the years to children, hardly a week passes without new Details to the monstrous case: at Least 31 girls and boys of the main set needs to suspect abuse, and have filmed, the investigators expect to see 1000 individual actions. 900.000 images and 27,000 Videos was seized by the police so far. And just as disturbing as the acts themselves, the circumstances that you have favored. Andreas V., a Hartz-IV recipient, was awarded by the youth welfare office, a foster daughter, she is also among the Victims. Indicative of a threat to the girl, left the office and the local police sanding. And even in the ongoing investigation, the chain of failures and mistakes. As Mr. Wright disappeared – ironically, from a police service.

municipality of Lügde-Elbrinxen

Where to start so in the case of this scandal, whose tribulations in the meantime, the entire land policy of North Rhine-Westphalia, keep in suspense? How can explanations be found for a crime that is hard to grasp?

The path to the crime scene leads up from the main road 20 meters up a hill. Between meadows and a forest, the camping site “the oak forest is located on the edge of the East Westphalian municipality of Lügde-Elbrinxen”, here is the alleged perpetrator Andreas V. had his domicile. A second suspect was in possession of a car on the court, in the case of a third party, resident in the North German town of Stade, were found child pornographic images created here.

Andreas V. s caravan and the awning are not visible. He has hidden behind a wooden boards and panels nailed to open-air kitchen and leaning Windows of a hovel, in the Interior, the police found a mess. Dirty Laundry piled on the floor, the shower cabin reportedly served as a litter box. In the front area of the Dwelling an old Sofa, on the V. often his camera tripod was aligned. In camping, the 56-Year-old and his foster daughter in the car behind slept.


Andreas V. s barrack, cordoned off by the police


As Andreas V. on 6. December 2018 from the shack is discharged, he lived almost three decades on the court. His parents were drawn to the end of the 80s with her son from Duisburg from there. They wanted to enjoy their retirement and bought a brand new caravan and an awning. “They were nice people,” says a neighbor. “Everyone who was passing by, was invited to have a beer.” The plot had been a “perfect shot”.

Andreas V. is mid 20’s, as he pulls with the car in the family camping – a tall guy, very overweight, until he can the stomach shrink, how well-Known reports. Without a steady Job. And supposedly only two short Affairs, apparently, also without a partner.

When his parents die, remains V. in the Caravan living. The operator assigns him small tasks: V cutting hedges, chopping wood, hauling gas cylinders. The campers are surprised that he has no right to work and support concerns, but he is “always friendly and helpful”.

“Addi was like an uncle to me.”

He begins to build the shack, which protects him from the eyes of the outside world. What remains for the neighbours, however hidden, is spend be a slope, as much time as possible with Minors, especially with girls. They are from the neighborhood, bring Friends, call him “Addi”. “Who would often come from disadvantaged families,” says a vet who lives with his family next to the campsite. “I think the parents were glad to be rid of.”

And the children a little bit is offered In a discarded caravan V. a is a kind of game room. He’s on a trampoline and get a Quad, curving with the children over the terrain. In the summer he goes with you to the pool or baking stick bread over the fire. The parents, he invites.

The star met two young women who were children regularly at Andreas. Katja* told that “Addi” to the children, a horse gave which he had supposedly saved from the butcher. It found a stable place next door to the vet. “For us, this seemed like heaven on earth. Addi was like an uncle to me.”


the Other campers were amazed, as V. a care child received, especially due to the precarious housing situation

©Guido Kirchner/DPA

The other woman remembers that “Addi” sometimes made sexually suggestive sayings. “Have a tight ass!”, such sets. But he had never touched her. For Katie’s was at the time eight-year-old sister of the victim. After V.’s arrest, the now-adult woman of the family is revealed. “He used me as bait, to get Smaller,” says Katja.

In hindsight, might be that parents left their children unattended to Andreas. But at the time V. s edge and had a permanent Camper-existence Wake up a confident coat of paint. “Addi” worked almost as a groundsman. In the morning he and the vet went out together with their dogs, even the son of Tierarzts played at V. Katja told, your parents would have had no hesitation to let “Addi”, because so many Friends went there. V. was not a Freak, the man made a bow.

How could this happen?

Who visited in those days of course the owner Frank Schäfsmeier, meets a man for weeks, the same questions torment. How could this happen? He was blind? Naive? He takes it personally when Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) said in the distant Düsseldorf, even his grandmother would have noticed that something was not right. “My children used to play with this man”, defends himself Schäfsmeier matt. “Do you think I would have approved if I had anything knew?”

It must have been in the summer of 2016, as the Scenery changes on the court. Andreas V. is full of vigor. He told that he wanted to take over the guardianship of a girl, a real dad, the mother gave him the Small. With the Offices he was in good conversations.

in fact, employees of the official care come from now on regularly, you can visit V. in his home. The blonde girl that you are interested in, is to dem terrain is well known. It is Lea* and at this time four years old.


father Jens Ruzsitska proposed 2016 Alarm, as Andreas V. pre-made at a garden party on little girl


Leah’s mother has spent in “Addi” your leisure time, she comes from a difficult family, with 16 years pregnant. You don’t want to speak with the press, but a close relative does. “With the child, you could never,” says Mandy Lahn* the star. “She has barely spoken to the Little ones.”

So it is that Lea is always made more frequently in Andreas. She was a backward child, and told the vet: “Andreas has developed positively. If you saw him tear the arms up and exclaimed, Papa, Papa.”

Nevertheless, the people are astonished at the campsite, as the “Addi” in fact, the guardianship. Operator Schäfsmeier says he was able to grasp it at the time: “Not because of a suspicion that he might harm the child.” But solely because of the precarious living situation. “What would happen in a joint like this?”

campsite Eichwald

The tragedy of this Case is that the involved Offices for the misery, the suffering of the Lea, are to blame. The girl should not have been awarded to a man like Andreas V. from formal reasons.

For a permanent Stay was not tolerated on the campgrounds at the time, although in some places, it was against building regulations. As of 2013, the state of NRW was targeted against illegal permanent residents. On the other V. lacked the economic prerequisites that must be fulfilled by care parents commonly. Although there are no Federal exist to uniform Standards. Most of the land youth welfare offices before, however, exclusion criteria, ask about a faultless certificate of good conduct. But above all, the care must provide money on a monthly basis up to 900 Euro any financial incentive to take on a child. It follows that the long-term unemployed, as a rule, no children.

“According to our Standards, this child would not have been given to this man,” says child welfare Manager Karl Eitel John from North Rhine-Westphalia in the district of Lippe, in the catchment area of the campsite Eichwald is located. The Problem: John, unfortunately, was not. Because the guardianship decision based on the residential address of the mother. The was to this time, only 15 car-minutes away from the Eichwald far – but already on the other side of the border to lower Saxony. And there you shall be the parents ‘ choice appears to have significantly more lax.


The shack by Mario S. on the upper end of the camping


The competent district administrator, Tjark Bartels in Hameln,, be a child welfare have encouraged the “fact” that V. rent a regular apartment. This is true only partially: in fact, under V. wrote with some delay, a lease for a place to Stay in the place, moved there but never. The authority was known.

more incomprehensible is that Lea was handed over to a man prior to the approval of the guardianship at least four references to sexual abuse templates. Here is the failure of the youth welfare office and the failure of the police to engage in a fatal way.

“transaction processing system”

now the Ministry of the interior appointed investigation Commission has found out: Under the date of 28. January 2002 was registered at the police in the district of Lippe “the suspicion” that Andreas V. to have an “eight-year-old girl, miss”. Whether at that time an investigation was initiated, is currently being clarified. The second note on the sexual abuse took place in the year 2008, he finds himself in a “transaction processing system” of the district police and was not forwarded to the Prosecutor’s office.

Eight years later, Andreas V. with the blessing of Leah’s mother had applied for guardianship of the girl, as a third note when the police arrived. A V. had played with children. “The picked up the girls and took them in the step,” says Jens Ruzsitska, was the star. As V. a of Ruzsitskas daughters on the shoulder took, he asked the girl, his Rock high on the rise. On Ruzsitskas question, what should I V. laughed, and said that he had fond of “pussy little wet in the neck”. So it is told Ruzsitska. He had added Andreas V. at the time, a slap in the face.


the cellar of The house, in the S. in the Westphalian town of Steinheim lived. The police seized a number of Computer


From the alleged wording, there are two versions. According to a report by the police in Blomberg V. said to Ruzsitska, “that he find it nice if he would wear little girls would be dressed with skirts, the shoulders and the sweat”. Ruzsitska want to have outlined the case, however, in all the Rhythms.

it is established that Ruzsitska agreed, an employee of the Children’s protection League, about the incident, and this, in turn, the youth welfare office and, Blomberg police. But the officials were apparently not even bother, Andreas V. visit. Only the youth welfare office was asked for an opinion, and the office will suspend found in V. nothing. Jens Ruzsitska remembers the call of a youth welfare office employee: “you said in Andreas V. everything was in order. I should be careful with what I say about other people, so what was the defamation.”

chain of wrong decisions

Only three months later, still in the guardianship application was examined, a fourth note. This time, a staff member of the jobcenter Blomberg display, in the case of the V. together with Lea was surfaced refunded. While filling the applications, came the woman with the child in conversation, which was attracted from their point of view, too thin and hungry, made an impression. Particularly irritating was on, however, as V. spoke about the girl. After a memory log of the Amtsmitarbeiterin sentences should be like: Lea “makes me hot, want to cuddle and then not … women are weird”. Or: Lea “hates the smell of men, they would all stink”. For sweets, “but would do” “everything”.

the display of the job center employee came to the Prosecutor’s office. Instead, the criminal division to the youth welfare office asked “to the state”. The office reported that the “assessments and investigations on the spot used by the family to help them would have produced no more lasting go points for a risk of the child”. Thus, the police was satisfied. Only a few weeks later, in January 2017, was Andreas V. awarded the curatorship for the Lea.


North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) has eine-finding Commission set up. He says: “My Granny didn’t notice that there was something wrong”.

©Federico Gambarini/DPA

It is a remarkable chain of wrong decisions. On the part of the youth welfare office, but also on the part of the police, the informed, in spite of repeated instructions and contrary to the obligation of the Prosecutor’s office. Today, a special Investigative Committee is looking into the failings in the authorities. In the case of eight workers of the youth offices of the suspected violation of the duty of care. One is accused of acts of manipulation. Against a police officer and a retired police officer is being investigated for a criminal to thwart in the office.

An end to the abuse of a child takes place on the campsite on the basis of a fifth instruction. In October 2018, a mother turns to the police: V. have sex with your nine year old daughter. The statements are very specific, suspected of multiple serious abuse is confirmed during the interrogation of the child.


the car, A third camping, the Andrew V. heard, is away on a construction yard. The police seal is broken.


After years of a Franchise is at 13. November 2018, finally, the care of your name. The youth welfare office takes Lea into care. At the beginning of December, Andreas V. is arrested, a month later, his accomplice, Mario S., and has at the upper end of the campgrounds, and a Parking space. From the shack there, and a tenement basement, the police removed dozens of computers and hard drives.

Broken police seal

operator Frank Schäfsmeier the circular saw and supports a foot on the wood pile. “The whole work remains,” grumbles he, “I come to anything else.” He wants nothing more than calm may on its place. But that should be expected for now.

a Few steps next to the wood pile is a camping car. He is getting on in years, but he seems to be roadworthy, the tyres still have a lot of pressure. This car belongs to Andrew V., a potential crime scene. He is freely accessible for everyone on the farm. The police seal on the door is broken.

*Name changed by the editors