The police in lower Saxony is searching for a 15-year-old youth from Langwedel, which is valid for over a month as missing. The girl with the name Katharina was since 12. February disappeared. Meanwhile, a criminal Offence could not be ruled out, police said.

Katharina B. as a hitchhiker on the road?

looking for witnesses, investigators, Katharina seen. So was last Thursday (14. March) could have been taken to have had in Verden a hitchhiker, the Similarity with Catherine, of a car driver. The hitchhiker had according to police, a shield with the inscription “Soltau”, and a travel bag.

The police have asked, in particular, the driver and other persons that can submit a description of the hitchhiker, to contact the police in Verden (04231-8060) or any other law enforcement Agency.

sources: police Verden