The construction of Germany’s first legal Cannabis production facility in Neumünster is progressing, now it is fixed, we celebrated the topping. “Here at the end of 2020 will be produced – probably for the first Time in Germany – medical Cannabis,” said Schleswig-Holstein’s Economics Minister Bernd Buchholz at the Ceremony, according to the NDR.

the complex is located in the shell. However, already now we can see that in the commercial area of Neumünster is a kind of high-security wing. 14,000 tons of steel, concrete, 400 cameras, razor wire, and a drone defense concept: The facility could hold, according to the managing Director Hendrik Knopp, even two hours of attack, with the heaviest device. “We are working with narcotics. The legislature has clearly defined how thick the walls need to be. We work in a vault,” says Knopp.

“the Bunker is Built” from the company, Aphria Germany GmbH. The money for the Expansion, including the cannabis plantation, comes from the mother’s group from Canada. Minister of economy, Buchholz described the settlement as a windfall for the state. The demand for medical Cannabis is enormous. This come, for example, in pain therapy. “It’s not about marijuana for Altona,” said the FDP politician.

Two other firms get permission for Cannabis cultivation

“We are now at 50,000 to 60,000 patients who take cannabis therapy, with a rising trend,” added Knopp. “And we have to cover the missing supply with imports.” The new plant can produce four times the amount of the current demand. is sold only to the German state.

The Federal Institute for drugs and medical products has Aphria in Schleswig-Holstein allowed the cultivation of a year, a ton of for four years. In addition, two further companies have been allowed to grow in the future, in Germany for medical Cannabis.

Cannabis legalization?

Since March of 2017, can German patients medical Cannabis, the doctor will prescribe. Whether it is to be legalized, such as in Canada, will be discussed for years. In the DISKUTHEK, the new debate format-the star on Youtube, was the issue of the topic. Here you can see the whole sequence.

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