Suddenly, the man who has to weigh all the time welding begins to talk. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I’m sorry.” Again and again, he’s screaming now, and while he writhes in his chair, as if he were struggling with something, the sitting in it and he doesn’t want to let out. He runs his hands over his eyes, cries, yells back, “it bothers me”, he cries and contorts the mouth and nose, until his face became a Grimace.

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Then he straightens up, “brrr, brrr, brrr,” he, like a madman, an animal, a beast that starts to attack. The people around him, his lawyer, the viewers, soft back. But he catches himself at the last Moment. “I’m sorry,” he says again, then he is breathing heavily on his chair.

Unbearably beautiful

It is an almost unbearably beautiful police photo: an orange VW beetle, recorded at the edge of a narrow road, bathed in the warm light of a lantern. Snow flakes are falling, laying on the hood of the beetle, blurred in the light of the lantern to round, thick clouds. It is dark, one night in the Winter, but it can still have long snowed, because the Footprints left by the pedestrians on the sidewalk, appears on the grey pavement. The beetle is standing on the right side of the road, half on the sidewalk, parked in the direction of travel. Next to him, on the wall, hands in his pockets, a policeman in civilian clothes. He wears a brown coat, including a white sweater, pulled up to the neck. It must be very cold when the photo was taken.

What else is to see? The sky, black and sternenlos. Houses, grey-plastered, the window behind closed shutters. A car, parked on the other side of the road, darkness and snow to hide color and markings. And then, on the fourth or fifth glance: a flat, white as the snow. It is located next to the beetle, curl at their edges. She adds innocently in the harmony of the photo, but this Plane conceals a such a brutal fact, as it has only been few in the past few decades.


Hagen, 10. In January 1979, a police photo

©Marcel Maffei/star

Hagen, 9. January 1979. Actually, Brunhilde E. has want to on this cold winter’s evening does not go out. You call all of the Bruni and the works at Tchibo, as the seller, is a little tired and has no desire. Finally, you convince your friends to come along, just 900 meters from her parents ‘ house nearby Pilssalon, a pub at the Central station. Under Brun keeps Hilde E. – a pretty girl with blond hair that looks a little younger than her 18 years – with several guests, drink a few glasses of beer, before she makes about two o’clock on the way home. She goes alone, it’s not far.

Maybe Brunhilde hits up the collar of her coat, maybe she is buttoning it, maybe she pulls the scarf tighter around the neck. No one knows, just like nobody knows how Brunhilde’s feeling in her last minutes, she Feels observed? Her is uncomfortable? Is she afraid of? With gets you that, as police later reconstructed, at the same time a man left a next to the Pilssalon preferred pub, and you are following now? Or she goes completely safely home?

About half of their way home has brought Brunhilde behind, as you will be attacked. Within a few minutes, the man raped you on the open road, then kill them. He then drags you under a car, as a now useless object, it can no longer be used, and disappears.

Cold Case Unit

Around 2.25 PM discover passers-by, who have spent the night in one of the pubs in the station district and now on the way home, the dead, blood-stained body of Brunhilde E. under an orange VW beetle. You call the police.

Around 2: 40 a.m. the phone rings in the family e.. The father goes to answer it. He should come quickly, says a policeman to him. With his daughter is something happens.

“Cold Case” is a magical term in the police work. In the USA it has been around since the 90s, their own Cold Case Units, and also in Germany were founded in the last years, a number of units. In General, unresolved old cases are copied but still by prosecutors and criminologists in addition to their everyday work. “Cold Case” sounds like a detective-like Finesse, ingenious investigators, for making the impossible possible, can’t what all the other gentlemen were in front of you. But in reality, it is mainly about meticulous, patient work, a systematic Rummage through the old files, of which thousands in the archives of the Prosecutor’s offices. These files are landing tables regularly to Check on the spelling or be pulled out, if fresh information received. The investigators find a new approach, get the folder back in the shelves before being pulled out again after many years.


The defendant says, it was torturing him to talk about the Past

©Marcus Simaitis/DPA

Actually, it means that the time is the biggest enemy of the criminalists. The longer an act is, the more difficult it will be to clarify the fact. But Cold-Case investigators to try to seize the time: The time can also cause people to want to speak at once, but still – because they can no longer carry their debt, or because the relationship to you at the time covered, is broken. And still something comes with time: The new investigators are not under the impression of the fact. If you open the files with the page-long interrogation protocols, don’t you feel the vibration of the visit of the bloody crime scene, you have the outraged reporting is no longer before our eyes, the tears of the relatives or the odd, nervous behavior of some suspects. You have not drawn your picture, look with a new, more distant perspective on the case.

As Wolfgang Rahmer 32 years later, in 2011, the act of the murder of Brunhilde E. gets to his Desk, he stands at zero: He actually knows nothing. Framers, Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s office, Hagen, responsible for capital crimes. He has been drug rings busted, killer and rapist accused of. And again, he deals with Cold Cases. Never said Rahmer, give it a case. Because education is the Only thing he could offer to the bereaved to relieve their pain.

On a Friday in the Hagen Center

To the file, which is now, in the spring of 2011, prior to the Framer, also includes several photos of the naked, dead body of Brunhilde E. Rahmer has seen as a Prosecutor, dozens of bodies, people that have been on the Worst mutilated. He often has live autopsies, because he saw it as his job to tell the doctor what he should pay particular attention. Rahmer had earlier studied almost all medicine, by the autopsies, he says, he taught the then myself a bit. But what Rahmer looks at the time on the pictures of Brunhilde e., he can barely tolerate.

“something Horrible, I had never seen it before,” he says. “And never again after that, I saw a body that was so mangled. That was unique.” The abdomen of Brunhilde E. is torn apart. There are injuries, the appearance are, as if they had been done with a stake, as he had been Brunhilde E. in her Vagina rammed. Your pain must have been terrible.

This, killer, thinking, Rahmer, must almost have animalistic traits. He has never seen a crime in which a man wanted to destroy the other. “I have not thought of these people as animals,” says Framer today. “I don’t think.” But he must be something what would describe framers, than evil: because he is at that time, at the sight of the photos for sure.


True for the case of Brunhilde E.: “Possible homicide”

©Marcel Maffei/star

Framer sees that in 1979, good police work was done that about 100 witnesses located and interviewed. The Events of this night spreads clearly like a movie in front of him, so carefully have it reconstructed the police officers.

assume that the perpetrators of Brunhilde e. must be equal to after Leaving the pub followed that he must have raped knocked down and directly on the sidewalk next to the beetle and mutilated. You’re not sure whether he had used the tools. After his act, he dragged Brunhilde E. under the orange beetles, put them in there. Framer reads that all of this happened in the middle of the night, but on a Friday in the city Hagen, the roads were not empty. The offender must have acted impulsively, it was him, apparently no matter that he could be caught.

pictures of lightning

The police had at the time, the environment of E., your friends and family, on a possible Suspect in the case investigated, but they found no evidence of a perpetrator or a motive. Brunhilde came from a simple, loving parents, Ex-partners, or other Acquaintances who may have had a tremendous anger on you, there wasn’t. Even among those who had a chat with Brunhilde in the pub, the police saw no such murder may have been capable of. And no one had seen the man that had to be followed by the young woman.

The police came in 1979, to the conclusion: Brunhilde E. a random victim.

framers, scours the file for Clues on Brun Hilde’s killer. But he finds nothing. “The case has appealed to me very much,” he says. It this was a question that wanted him not to go out of your head: “What is the for a person who is in a position to commit an act of such cruelty?”

dozens came to court to see him. Journalists, Curious. Many of the viewers are here because you are interested in the process so he is interested in you, he is the animal that you want to view in the cage. He refers to himself sometimes thus: as beings without reason and control over his actions. To see this, you have come. In vain. He has held back. Only silent. But now he can not help. He tells what he assumes to be in this night’s been, maybe he believes it himself, maybe he just want the people to believe it. There is only his Version of what happened in the Winter of Hagen.


The garments have been documented by the police of Hagen in North Rhine-Westphalia

©Marcel Maffei/star

The awakening. He’s startled, suddenly and unexpectedly, such as from a noise. Like lightning, the images of the last minutes of shooting in his head.

As he followed him, the blond girl was, how frustrated he was that he felt that he must destroy something.

As he approached, as she replied: Bloke, get the wind. And again: Zero.

As he covers with his Hand at her neck, as his Hand became a claw as he felt the certainty that he would have, if he had had a hatchet, “hacked into a thousand shreds”.

Then he destroyed her, without a hatchet. Only with the hands.

It was broken out, which had grown so long in him.

A destroyer

He had it easy had as a child, his mother was unloving and his father is not there, and from the beginning everything went wrong. He visited the secondary school and training to become a locksmith started, has completed, he you never. He has committed dozens of thefts and other minor offences, even as a teenager, he sat for the first Time in prison, and he had always known, that there is something in him that is dangerous – dangerous for him, but mainly for other people. He had felt it, if he had felt suddenly some man in the pub so provoked, that he would have him, if him no one would have held back, beaten to death.

He looks again to the car, he has the destroyed body back left, then he runs away, driven and fast through the falling snow.

“There’s a destroyer was on the way,” he says.

So it’s supposed to be that night. This is what he told the police officers what he told the psychiatrists and one of which he drops the audience in front of the court of jumbled fragments.


Another court exhibit with the help of the case.

©Marcel Maffei/star

It is a Morning in September 2018, Norbert Westrich came with the car, he would drive to the place where it was then, almost 40 years ago, happened. West rich has spent his life in the police force in Worms, only in the patrol, then as a Commissioner at the criminal investigation Department. Today, he is retired, but lives still in the city. Similar to the framers, the West had to do rich in his life, with dozens of hard criminals. However, met him in March 1979, two months after the death of Brunhilde E., he remained particularly in my memory.

The house he still finds today, without looking at the card, he departs on a long main road, before it turns into a small, bumpy road with cobblestones. Einem yellow-washed house in star-alley, he stops. “This is the murder house,” he says and points with the head to the jewelry buildings. “Here he lived when he killed his girlfriend.” If he doesn’t know yet, when exactly that was? “Of course,” he replies, how he could forget: It was in the night of may 22. on the 23. March 1979.

goose bumps

that night West sits in guard rich on the police. He is alone, has started 21 of his service, is responsible for the recording of all crimes that happen in these hours in Worms. Usually nothing Special – a drunken rioters happened here, a fight there. Worms is a quiet town. But now West rich has started its service, as a colleague in the guard storms in. “Norbert,” he calls. “You go get ready. We have a killer.”

West rich does not believe him. West rich is still a young man, has just started in the police force, he can imagine that the others play a prank. And anyway: A killer in the peaceful Worms – where do the come from?

But the policeman who means business. Even before the West rich has been made ready to go to the scene of the crime, lead to a protection officer and an employee of the town, the controls at night, the lanterns, a man on the guard. The man is tall, slim, handsome and quiet, he speaks not a word. “This is the killer,” says the protection officer. West rich is a little overwhelmed, he just kind of nods and locks the man, who identifies himself as a Dieter, Karl F., in a cell. Then he makes the protection of police officers on the way.

“When I think about it,” says Westrich, “I get goose bumps even today.”


Dieter Karl F.


The crime scene is at a distance of 300 meters, the protection of COP shows West rich the house, Westrich climbs a wooden staircase up to the first floor. There is a door open to a crack, the West rich will open you completely, occurs in a room.

“I will not forget my life, what I have seen,” says Westrich.

It is dim, only a bedside lamp lit. But the light is enough to see that everywhere was blood: blood on the floor, blood on the wall blood on the bed, blood even on the ceiling. West rich lets his gaze briefly wander, before he looks to the bedside table, right next to the bed, in the face of a young woman. West rich pauses, looks again. But, in fact, On the night table, in the middle of this room, the red is from blood, the severed head of a woman. West rich begins to shake, his hands flapping in a way that you could not hold a pen. He quickly turns and leaves the room, goes out, in the cold Wormser night, then to the guard.

a woman without a head,

arrived There, he takes on what is happening in front of this house in the star alley: Two passers-by saw a man with the Bicycle in the direction of the Rhine, drove him from a bag he held in his Hand, something fell, what looked like an Arm or a leg. The passers-by shouted after the man. The man stopped, threw the bag under a car. Then he ran away, until he was Packed after a few meters of the two and recorded. As the policeman, who was on his inspection round through the city, and of the witnesses was summoned, finally, under the car looked, he discovered in the bag in fact, the body of a woman without a head.

Now he has done it for the second Time.

after the murder of Hagen, he had resolved his apartment and was pulled back in his home town of Worms. He plunged in groundless love, no relations, it had been enough anyway. Nevertheless, it went quite well, only now and again, he beat the women, and they ran from him, terrified of what could be the beautiful man that she had delicately and lovingly met. Soon, he met in Worms, then Sabine, an office clerk. She moved to him, she felt comfortable with. Until you denied him for the first Time, to have Sex with her.

Then it happened.

He wanted to bring then the body – or rather what was left of it – to the Rhine, to throw him into the water. An Arm fell out, these two men have seen him.


Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate: In a house in star-alley, the investigators found Incredible before

©Marcel Maffei/star

And now he sits here, in this March 1979, the night, on guard, he is 35 years old, has sat for 14 of them in jail, the hands placed together, watching the COP as he writes the report. Sometimes he looks at his hands, sees his narrow fingers.

Soon other, more experienced commissioners to come and hear him, you know what happened, but you also want to know why it happened, wanting him to understand. He says there is no Why, only his observation that it is in these moments, the other man, a man that he does not seem to be otherwise.

He says that he can’t remember exactly. He knew that he was beside himself, he exploded. He killed her, he knew.

But he says that he did it once, almost 300 kilometers away from here, in Hagen, in the snow, on the open road.

special Severity of guilt

He comes a few months later, in court, accused of the murder of Sabine, he speaks as an uninvolved Person, as if he had not committed the crime to his girlfriend. It was his way of dealing with it, memories that torment him, just turn it off, say the psychiatrists. You have spoken with him, according to his family, and his mother asked. He couldn’t tell you much: a little from the absent father, the unloving mother, the beatings, the failed relationships.

The experts are certain: He wanted to destroy Sabine kill, when she said no to him. He can’t stand it when someone says no to him. The psychiatrist come to the conclusion that he is dangerous. Comes to the conclusion he was just a little different: He as a Whole is not dangerous, but this part of him can’t dominate it. “It is better,” he says then before the court, “if you kill me.” Because that is the only way, this part of to get rid of.

star crime


The torture ship – log a kidnapping

But the death penalty has been abolished for a long time, the Mainz regional court, notes a special Severity of guilt, and sentenced him at the beginning of 1980 for the murder of his girlfriend, to life imprisonment followed by preventive detention. He is an authe room and knows that he will probably never be a free man.

As the attorney for the framers, 32 years later, the case file Brunhilde e. by works, he knows nothing of the murder of Sabine R. in Worms and the process in Mainz. The name Dieter Karl F. he has never heard of.

Rahmer has a hope to solve as the case may be: with DNA evidence. Together with a technician, he in the evidence room of the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen. He hopes to find there clothes of Brunhilde e.. Also with the DNA of the perpetrator would be liable. He had raged, that no traces of him would have remained at the victim.

And indeed: In the chamber, Rahmer garments of Brunhilde E. discovered He discovered a pair of pants, a sweater, a pair of underpants. All clothes are soaked from the blood.

The yellow knit hat

The forensic technician takes the Exhibits to the laboratory, where a DNA trace that does not originate from Brunhilde E..

After a few days in Hagen to meet with the forensic technology, the results of the comparison with the database of the Federal office of criminal investigation. And Yes – there is a hit, the track seems to come from a man who spent several decades in the prison Diez. The man’s Name: Dieter, Karl F.

“A trace of DNA alone is not enough to convict someone,” said Rahmer. “It must be plausible that he has committed the offence. There are also come other opportunities, such as a trace on a piece of clothing.”

Wolfgang Rahmer, the acts of Dieter Karl F. bring. After he read it, he has no doubt: you have the right man.

star crime

A girl from Iceland

they thought would be their city safe. But then came the night, and then the ship

He has over the decades set up in his eight square foot cell, and in his life in the JVA Diez, that they have not moved him, but now, at the beginning of 2013, every Morning, from there to the process according to Hagen. Almost two and a half hours the journey takes, he sits in the back room of the Transporter, guarded by several prison officers. He is dangerous, and so they treat him well.

In the courtroom, a lot more people sitting than the last Time in Mainz. You are curious about.

It became known that he referred to himself as purified. He says of himself that he had become a Buddhist. It looks nice, is an old, thin man with a large, narrow metal rods to existing glasses, he wears a musketeer-Beard, is dressed in a blue and white striped sweater, a gray vest.

And there is still the cap, this yellow knitted hat that is not enough over his ears, only his head covered. Now, in the process, he wants to drop his cap. The judge allowed him to temporarily.

He has nothing to gain. He knows that the state has told the lawyer about him, that he was one of the most dangerous criminals in Germany. Even if you speak to him, for which there is little occasion for free, he will sit until the end of his life in prison. This has caused the judgment from Mainz.

“alive Comatose”

He has not confessed to the investigators of the murder of Brunhilde e., has only said that he could not remember. Now before the court, he does not want to talk to, has made, not to mention. The Prosecutor reads the indictment. The people in the room to see how he tries not to listen, but it manages to not quite. You can almost see how the memories come, the memories of the girl. That something is working in him.

But he didn’t want to confess, not for the families to apologize. He seems to hope only that soon it’s all over.

The first few days, he has brought soon. Silently. The number of spectators in the hall has become smaller, because the process is less spectacular than you thought. But then Ursula comes. He would have to remember to Ursula, to know that he’s been with her for a year, before the thing with the girl from Hagen and the office clerk happened from Worms. She has changed, grown older, much older.

she shakes stand the stuff, your steps are small and wobbly, the look she directed at the floor. She’s not looking at him, not Once.

star crime


Katy was a slave. Then they asked questions. For example: Was her father really a God?

By Michael Streck

she sits down, still shaking. Then she tells how she has lived the year with him, as he has you beaten and raped, how she was constantly in front of it, killed. How she survived, but still in psychiatric treatment. She tells of living with a man, the one that is actually always something Evil, Animal broke out, unable to restrain the animal in but then there is still enough to kill you.

He is listening to her. When she is gone, he can no longer bear it. He turns to his lawyer. Then he’s talking about.

“Everything, what is done is done,” he says to the murder of Brunhilde e. “I have to wear it.”

Still, he is quiet, his voice is in focus and clear. But he can’t stop after his first set, talking more and more, always emotional. He reported of his parents, jumps to his life in his cell in the prison Diez, to his alcoholism, which he wants at the time, as at the time of the murders, suffered. Jumps on to his hats, of which he says that he have knitted in the arrest of about 3000, that he knit you are wearing, because he had felt when he woke up, his blood rush again, in addition to the cold-head of a girl, and since then, the cold heads could no longer endure. The cold head, the Dieter Karl F. at the time, felt wants, is of the by Sabine R., his girlfriend of Worms.

“I’m since then, the alive, Comatose,” he says. “I’m now 48 years in prison on the hump, it bothers me very much.”

“I do now.”

It is the monologue of a Madman, and he gets louder, wilder, seems to put himself in a different state. In memory, he told scraps now but from the Hagen winter night.

The judge tried to direct his Talk in cars. How, she asks, is it come to serious injury in the vaginal area?

He shakes his head. “Don’t ask me”, he yells and grimaces, “after this abnormal people!”

But he is on the way to thisto be m abnormal people. “Brrr, brrr, brrr,” Dieter Karl F., “brrr, brrr, brrr.” Then he says that his hands would become claws, claws, with which he killed Brunhilde E..

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All the spectators, who have already gone down, we would have been able to experience what you’ve been waiting for: that implies, who and what this man is, how he was able to these crimes decades ago, commit.

He is talking about, is screaming for one and a half hours, sweating, to stop anyone.

“I’m sorry,” he says now, back to the murder of Brunhilde. “I don’t feel guilty, but I feel so ashamed.”

Then, to 15.49 PM, he stops gesticulating wildly,. “I can’t take it anymore,” he says. “I’ll close now.” He has everything can be said, to say what he was, it was probably his last words he will ever speak in Public.

No emotion

a Few days later, the judge sentenced him for murder to life imprisonment followed by preventive detention. The expert who has examined him on a possible debt inability to come to the conclusion that this is not available. Dieter Karl F. has control inability to court either, or he believes in, even himself. The appraiser can’t determine: It may be that there is something in F. that makes him mad with hatred and anger, but he is, in the opinion of the psychiatrist is able to keep it under control.

Dieter Karl F. listen to the pronouncement of the judgment, says nothing, his face shows no emotion. Then he goes, disappears, accompanied by officials, behind the door. Soon he is sitting back in his cell, to spend his life behind bars.