Craig Coley would never be allowed to 39 years in prison. Now, the now 71-Year-old, whose case is one of the biggest miscarriages of Justice in the history of the United States, of the municipality of Simi Valley, a record compensation of $ 21 million. Two years ago, he had been pardoned, after the new investigation had proved his innocence. The former Governor of California, Jerry Brown, had written: “The Dignity with which Mr Coley for his long and unjust detention has to endure, is extraordinary”.

The fact that Coley was convicted was a particularly cruel crime, which occurred in November 1978 in a small Apartment in Simi Valley North of Los Angeles. The offender raped the 24-year-old Rhonda guy and beaches you gulierte with a Macramee-whiskers, and then he suffocated her four-year-old son Donald in his bed. Probably because the Boy can identify him.

Coley was on the same day

arrested on the same day, the police arrested Craig Richard Coley, who was the villain until recently, the friend of Rhonda. Neighbors said they had seen Coleys Truck at the time in front of the house. In addition, Rhonda guy had left her killer voluntarily in the apartment. And with him, a bloody towel and a children-T have been found-Shirt – all language superficially, against the then 31-Year-old.

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the witnesses confirmed that he celebrated until shortly before the time of the crime in a Bar and then a friend a ride home, but it took place before a court hearing. Not that his injuries that he had, not on him as a perpetrator indicated, how it stressed its defenders.

In the following process, the jury came to no clear judgment. Ten voted for guilty, two for not guilty. Coley had always maintained his innocence. In a second procedure, he was sentenced to life in prison.

doubt, at the judgment, there was from the beginning

However, the considerable doubts as to the judgment and the evidence remained – until the police officer Michael Bender managed to find convincing evidence that Coley is actually innocent. So a whole case with Evidence made in a camp, of which, it was thought that they had been destroyed. And he found that the biological samples still existed – so the DNA Test could be made. They showed that on the sheets, on which the murder victim had been found, no DNA traces of Coley found, but instead of cum and saliva from an Unknown.

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Bender also found that the testimony of the neighbours were not able to vote because they were simply out of their apartments to the street. In addition, it became increasingly clear that the investigating police officer can, at the time, the evidence had to disappear, Coley would have relieved. Now there is only one thing to do: the true killer.

source: “CNN”, With Material of the DPA news Agency