Actually, it is a message that should deserve no attention: For more than a year, Game Reserve, a conservation area in Mozambique has been killed in Niassa, no longer an elephant. And yet it is a quite remarkable milestone in the fight against poaching. In the past few years had been murdered in the field thousands of elephants by poachers.

This Trend is now apparently – at least for the time being – stopped. The last Time was in Niassa, on 17. May 2018, an elephant has been killed, informed the Wildlife Conversation Society (WCS). By 2015, it had been there, “the elephant poaching close to a disaster”, the animal population had decreased from 12,000 to in the meantime, nearly 3600. Between 2015 and 2017, it had managed to reduce the number of killed elephants to about 100 per year.

measures against elephant poachers in Mozambique exacerbated

“This is a remarkable achievement,” said James Bampton of WCS in the AP news Agency. This success was due to various measures taken in recent years to protect the elephant population. So there has been for some time a special intervention Force of the police, is better equipped than the Park Ranger. In addition, the area is guarded from the air, moreover, the penalties for poaching have been increased. Mosamiks President Filipe Nyusi, of the is since 2014, in the office, goes to the fight against poachers more determined than its predecessor. These measures are now bearing fruit.

The Niassa Game Reserve comprises of 42,000 square kilometres – an area larger than Switzerland – and is one of the largest national parks in Africa. The elephant population has now increased, according to the WCS again to about 4000. In addition, among other things, lions, leopards or Zebras living in the area.

sources: Wildlife Conversation Society / Deutsche Welle