It is one of those beautiful stories, the, writes the Internet. And it starts with a photo and a few lines on Facebook. Stephanie Veit Heimer sales Manager of an assisted living for seniors in the city of Wichita Falls (Texas, United States). 19. February you post the photo of the 99-year-old Joe Cuba, on 2. March will be 100 years old. The Senior is in a wheelchair and holding a neon yellow sign in his hands. It says: “I am a Second world war veteran, and am on 2. March 100 years old. I would like to get 100 birthday cards sent to you.” In addition, the address of the 99 on the Billboard Year-olds.

more Than 10,000 birthday wishes in a few days

Please help us by sending Joe a birthday card and share this post. He wants to receive 100 cards for his…

Posted by Stephanie Veit Heimer on Tuesday, 19. February 2019

The employee of the assisted living Veit Heimer has also called to share the Post on Facebook, in order to ensure that Cuba gets the 100 cards. What you and the almost 100-Year-old is probably not expected, is that the Post went viral. More than 2100 times the Post was shared now and Cuba has received thousands of letters and gifts. As the “Houston Chronicle” reported in its Online edition, should now have received more than 10,000 cards, letters and gifts in the world war II veteran. On Facebook published photos show, the visibly enjoyed Senior in addition to the whole Post.

Joe continues to be amazed with everyone’s generosity. Keep the cards coming as we celebrate a 100 years with GI Joe…… Please like our page so you can keep up with GI Joe’s birthday wish.

Posted by Brookdale Midwestern on Monday, 25. February 2019

Cuba has get T-Shirts, hats, food, and plenty of personal and creative messages. Some of the 10,000 packets to even come out of Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland and Ireland. Also in the popular Online Forum Reddit, several photos of the almost 100-Year-old viral. Still, the 2 is. March is not yet reached, and there can be packages and letters to the birthday kid sent.

“folks, this is much more than we expected”

the original post by Stephanie Veit Heimer, an Update is now. The sales Manager shows up overwhelmed. “Oh, my God. People, this is much more than we expected.” Now would have been, so it writes to the “Houston Chronicle”, numerous military organizations, and teachers reported and help for the birthday party of Joe Cuba offered. Cuba itself will have to be busy for quite a few, all gifts to unwrap and read the cards.

sources: Facebook / Reddit / “Houston Chronicle”