In a gravel front yard is a pink plastic Flamingo, in another, between heaps of stones scattered yellowish tufts of grass and dark pine bushes. On the satirical Facebook page “gardens of horror” are almost uploaded daily, quirky photos of German gardens. More and more private land into barren gravel and stone actually turning deserts – be it out of laziness or shortage of time of the owner? Possibly, some house owners, the exterior design with concrete blocks and gabions are filled with stones in wire baskets – even more beautiful than blooming flowers.

funding programmes for the planting of roofs, facades and courtyards, there are in virtually all German cities from Munich to Hamburg. The city of Bremen wants to go with a “Above the greening of open areas and flat roof areas” a step further. The bill of the red-green Senate is expected to be adopted in the second week of may, in the Bremen citizenship. He looks to the greening of that outer surfaces “or to replant”, this should not preclude other permissible use. In clear text: cottages, patios or paved Bicycle Parking spaces are not allowed, and large stone beds.

Bremen is fighting against “creeping shifted concussion of the gardens”

“It is the desire, the creeping advance tax relief concussion of the front gardens, it has a bar and there is a planting to ensure,” said Bremen’s environment Senator Joachim Lohse (Green). Especially going to be the improvement of the small-scale city environments in the light of future summer Heat waves, and heavy rain events. The new law does not apply to Bremerhaven, was founded on the Initiative of the Greens. A list of insect-friendly plants is to be given to the property owners. Existing gardens and building permits are not affected by the new regulation, which will enter into force in may,. “There is no interference in the vested rights of people,” stresses Lohse.

“Life Hacks”

how to use lemons as flower pots

Also, the Federal Association of garden, landscape and sports ground construction (GaLaBau) deplores the Trend to lifeless grey gardens. “Many believe, unfortunately, they are easier to care for than planted surfaces,” says spokesman Andreas Stump. Added to this is the offer of Packed pebbles or gravel in a handy size in hardware stores. The Association argues, however, for recommendations and advice, instead of Forbidden, and has started an Initiative under the Motto “Save the garden”.

Few cities have a rock garden ban

The nature and biodiversity conservation Union (Nabu), however, the municipalities stronger. Some cities are already very active, says Nabu-garden expert Marja Rottleb. So there is in Heilbronn, a stone and gravel areas, garden, ban on new construction. In many places, is discussed in the municipal parliaments violently, and how far authorities intervene in the privacy and citizens have the right to require the garden design.

“Life Hacks”

The Do-it-yourself watering can

The stones were mostly not from the local quarry, but in all likelihood mainly from China or India, criticized the Nabu. Andreas my mountain, the owner of the operation, stone lattice wall in Storkow, near Berlin, stressed that his stones came from Germany and Europe. He is calling for more Composure in the discussion. His older customers, it is going to be less work on the property. “You no longer have to paint the fence or the hedge cutting.”

Green politicians Lohse emphasized, a garden with native plants is automatically maintenance-intensive or more expensive. Rather, the quality of life, increases the Senator for the Environment, says: “The world of insects can develop, also soil organisms up to singing birds. If in the garden the birds are singing, so does the people good.”

epp/Christina Stings / DPA