In 2005, Mike Ertel went to a Halloween Party in a, let’s say, habituation needy costume. A little more than 13 years later, cost him the photos of the Celebration at the time of the Job. He had as Secretary of State of Florida, with a Minister of the interior, comparable only just started. Such as CNN and the “Tampa Bay Times” reports, was confirmed by the Republican politicians themselves, it was the shots to him. He had nothing to say in his defence and submitted, with immediate effect, his resignation, which the Governor has already approved.

The shooting last week by the newspaper “Tallahasse Democrat” published that show Ertel with false Breasts, a blue T-Shirt, large Hoop earrings-earrings, New-Orleans-head-scarf. The crucial point, however: He had painted the face brown. The so-called black facing is considered to be discriminatory and is repeatedly criticized by African-American associations. In addition, Ertel, wrote that the pictures “Katrina Victim” to show on the chest.

Mike Ertel made about hurricane Katrina funny

Spanish national players

footballer Andrés Iniesta post black facing photo, and solves Shitstorm from

hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters in the United States. In August 2005, approximately two months prior to the relevant Ceremony, and met the cyclone to the Southeast of the country, and taught in Florida, Louisiana and Georgia, massive damage. By Katrina and the consequences of more than 1800 people died, the was property damage of more than US $ 100 billion. Particularly strong in the city of New Orleans, which is predominantly Black inhabited was taken.

at the time of the photos was Ertel as an election observer in Florida, and, from his Post as Secretary of State he had not taken only once a month. The Post is difficult to translate into German. At the Federal level, you would select “foreign Minister”, at state level, this does, however, tend to activities of the Minister of the interior. The “Secretary of State” is the third man in the state after the Governor and Vice-Governor. A successor has not yet been determined.

sources: CNN, the “Tampa Bay Times”, “Tallahasse Democrat”


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