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flight operations at the airport London Gatwick to breakdown again (20.57 PM)Trump wants to tighten Iran sanctions (17.47 PM)Missiles: My arrest has helped others (17.05 PM)the diocese of puts a head-priest in retirement (16.57 PM)fear in German mosques to crimes (15.35 hours), and Merkel comments on new jitter attack (14.31 PM)

received The News today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 20.57 clock: flight operations at London Gatwick airport after a breakdown again. + + +

The air traffic at London Airport Gatwick, has been suspended on Wednesday evening, more than one hour to complete. Reason of a breakdown in the control tower, the operators said on Twitter. “Due to a problem with the air navigation, air transport is interrupted at the moment.” You will work with technical partners to fix the glitch “as quickly as possible”.

an hour later, the airport tweeted that glitch in the Tower is fixed now. Because of the potential for impact on flight connections, passengers were asked to check with their Airlines.

+++ 19: 00: fires rage in Sicily – bathers brought to safety +++

the fire at beaches in Sicily have placed numerous swimmers in distress. The boats of the fire brigade and the coast guard brought the people – including some 40 children in safety, as the news Agency Ansa reported on Wednesday. The fire Department has published on Twitter a Video of the fire, to see the high flames and dark smoke were. Two helicopters had come when Delete is used, tweeted to the fire service. The Situation was under control. According to Ansa some of the visitors to the beach smoke to poisoning.

+++ 18.53 PM: New protective case for the reactor in Chernobyl officially put into operation +++

The new giant protective case on the 1986 exploded reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been taken on Wednesday officially put into operation. Dozens of countries have participated in the financing, in order to protect “the entire planet and humanity from radioactive contamination,” said President Volodymyr Selenskyj. The 108-metre-high, and 36,000 metric tons of heavy metal construction should hold for a hundred years, and tornadoes-to-date. At the cost of 1.5 billion euros, 45 countries had participated. The nuclear reactor of Chernobyl was on 26. April 1986 exploded, and had large parts of Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union contaminated. Also in other European countries over a longer period of time, increased radiation was detected.

+++ 18.49 PM: thousands to ensure wild animals at the Anti-smuggling action +++

In the case of a global police action against smuggling thousands of protected wild animals have been seized. Including more than 4300 birds, 30 big cats, primates, and nearly 1,500 reptiles, the international police organisation said on Wednesday in Lyon. The action in 109 countries around the world, around 600 Suspects had been identified. In addition, trafficking routes and criminal strongholds could be identified.

in addition to ivory, sea animals such as coral, seahorses, or dolphins, 23-living primates, horns from rhinos and 10 000 turtles are also a number of products had been to ensure that had been produced from the animals. This includes clothing, food, traditional medicines, and crafts count.

+++ 18.35: a Leading member of the Miri clan in Bremen deported +++

The authorities have one of the leading heads of the Lebanese Miri clan in Bremen deported. “The said Person was obliged to leave the country and was deported,” said a spokeswoman for the Department of interior on Wednesday on request. In the case of overriding security interests relating to the employees of the authorities involved, will you say no more. The “image”newspaper had first reported that the man was arrested in the night at home, and then in Lebanon deported. Especially in the Bremen-based Miri-Clan is accused of organised crime.

+++ 17.47 PM: Trump announces “significant” aggravation of the Iran sanctions to +++

US President Donald Trump has announced plans to intensify the sanctions against Iran, in brief, are clear. “The sanctions will be tightened up considerably!”, Trump wrote on Wednesday on Twitter. He accused Teheran, contrary to the requirements of the international atomic energy agreement “for a long time secretly” to enrich uranium. In Vienna, the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA), advised, meanwhile, at the request of the United States relating to the safeguarding of the agreement.

+++ 17.24 Uhr: Von der Leyen wants to fight for the minimum wage in each EU country +++

Ursula von der Leyen wants to use in the case of your choice for the President of the EU Commission for a minimum wage in each EU country. Someone working full-time, must be able to ride of his life, said the CDU politician on Wednesday in Brussels. “That’s why I’m going to fight for a minimum wage in any country.”

in order to handle a claim, among other things, the social Democrats in the European election campaign. CSU politician Manfred Weber, who had long fought for the succession of EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, had rejected it.

+++ 17.22 PM: France wants to ban destruction of consumer articles +++

France wants to ban the destruction of unmarketable clothes or other consumer goods: This is provided for in a legislative package, the environmental state Secretary Brune Poirson on Wednesday in the Cabinet of Ministers introduced. According to the government, to be thrown away in France each year new goods in the value of more than 650 million euros, or destroyed. Whether they will be recycled or donated, it does not regulate the draft.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had announced the law “on waste” in June. According to his information, it comes to textiles, electrical goods, hygiene products or other Goods.

Carola Missiles

Sea-Watch-captain after threats to secret location

+++ 17.05 PM: captain brought Missiles: My arrest has other +++

helped The Sea-Watch-captain Carola Missiles in their temporary arrest also have a positive impact. Due to the large attention for your case, others are re rescue of aid organisations faster been solved, said the 31-Year-old from lower Saxony in a Video Interview, the Sea-Watch on Wednesday published. So, for example, the ship “Alan Kurdi” of the Regensburger organization Sea I can hand-Eye in of the last rescue migrants quickly to Malta, so that these are then distributed to other EU countries. “The fact that this political possibility that was ruled out for us, ( … ), in this case, for now, is safe in a direct connection with my arrest.”

+++ 16.57 PM: After preaching about the abuse of priest in retirement +++

After his indignant recorded sermon on abuse and forgiveness a Catholic priest in Münster in retirement has been added. Any Utterance was forbidden to the subject, said Bishop Felix Genn. He should not bother with his “unspeakable theses” to continue. Of service as a pastor, he says, with immediate effect, and he could no longer preach, the penitent was deprived of the power of attorney to him.

in Addition, Ulrich Zurkuhlen, in writing, apologize to Victims, to the municipality and all the people he had hurt would be. The covers for the 79-Year-old had reduced, informed the diocese of more. Had Zurkuhlen in the sermon at the end of June to forgiveness advertised for the priests who have committed sexual abuse. Even after the scandal he showed himself in public Statements undeterred. On his website he placed it was at the time, “that our Church would forgive ARKS but also the abuse perpetrators at some point.”

Catholic Church

abuse: a pastor asks forgiveness for priests – congregation turns against him


Bishop Genn had it not already asked in the past week, to preach to him but still no formal ban issued.

+++ 1643: Lobster and champagne, France’s Minister for the environment in expository +++

France’s Minister of the environment, François de Rugy has fought back against accusations that the expense of the state to have loaded fine private dinner. There had been no dinner with friends, said Rugy on Wednesday in Paris. In the case of the questionable food had been informal events with personalities of the civil society. Previously, the investigative Portal mediapart had reported that de Rugy will have been invited during his time as President of the national Assembly several times, mainly friends of his wife to a luxurious dinner.

+++ 16: 36: court confirms Two-million-Euro penalty for a footballer Pique +++

The Spanish football player Gerard Pique must taxes in the amount of 2.1 million Euro pay extra. An appeals court rejected one three years ago, the appeal of the defensive player of FC Barcelona against the punishment, according to the news Agency AFP learned on Wednesday. The judgment was, therefore, already at 13. May, in the absence of. Pique can still load before the highest Spanish court of audit.

The 32-Year-old had not taxed in the period from 2008 to 2010, the revenues from the trade with image rights properly; instead, he faked an assignment of his rights to a specially formed company. He was sentenced as early as 2016, to a tax payment of nearly 1.5 million and a fine of more than 600,000 euros.

Back to minors

Apparently, again, of sexual Assault in Mülheim – one of the Suspects is only 11

DPA +++ 16.32 at: Mülheim: imprisoned 14-Year-old measure a part +++

The imprisoned 14 participated in the prevention-Year-old in the case of the alleged rape in Mülheim an der Ruhr has participated, according to the city administration for some time on a preventive measure. The suspect was in the measure “Cam wars,” “get him out of the whirlpool a out of intense guilt,” said city spokesman Volker Wiebels on Wednesday. A total of three 14-Year-old and two 12-Year-old suspected on Friday evening in Mülheim, a young woman in a forest being raped. It is all according to police information to Bulgarian nationals.

characters for equality

Nicki Minaj your appearance says in Saudi Arabia from the Protest

SpotOnNews +++ 16.27 watch: Nicki Minaj concert because of human rights violations in Saudi-Arabia ab +++

to Protest against human rights violations in Saudi Arabia has cancelled the rapper Nicki Minaj will be a concert in the conservative Kingdom. She wanted to put a sign for the rights of women, Homosexuals and freedom of expression, said Minaj on Tuesday. At the same time, you respect the government of Saudi Arabia, added the musician. Its decision made on Wednesday for violent reactions in the Online networks.

+++ 16.12 PM: court confirms further paternity of Julio Iglesias +++

A court in Valencia, Spain, has confirmed a further paternity of the singer Julio Iglesias. The 75-Year-old was the biological father of Javier Sánchez Santos, told the court on Wednesday in the Online service Twitter. For the 43-year-old Spaniard, the decision is a great success: A first paternity suit had failed in the 90s. Iglesias wants to go according to his lawyer in the appeal.

+++ 16.09 PM: Söder wants a million trees for the climate plants +++

the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU) wants to be in the coming years, several million trees in addition to plants and, therefore, a special Bavarian contribution to climate protection. The Bavarian state forestry shall in addition to the four to five million trees, which will be according to the current planning per year to plant a Million trees. That would be a total of five years and up to 30 million new trees.

Argentina, Ireland, France

Bauer is upset about the menu in the Bundestag: “Not a single piece of meat from Germany”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter +++ 16 p.m.: Bauer against the Bundestag: Farmer complained of lack of German meat +++

With his rant about the menu of the Restaurants, a farmer from Schleswig-Holstein, a small Internet has landed Hit. Thomas Andresen from the yard Barslund in Sillerup complains in his Video that in the Parliament-Local “not a single piece of meat from Germany,” will offered. “The men and women members of Parliament, our meat good enough?” In the Internet platform Facebook, the Video was retrieved until Wednesday, more than 500,000 Times.

the trigger was a photo of the week card, the FDP Deputy Carina Konrad last Friday when Facebook had spread. There are only French duck, Irish lamb, Argentinian beef, Norwegian salmon and Polish chanterelles are to be found.

+++ 15.35 PM: Ditib Chairman: mosque communities after crime “in the highest degree

concerned” After bomb threat against his Cologne Central mosque and other anti-Muslim offenses observed in the Turkish-Islamic Association Ditib is a growing concern in the mosque communities. The members of the Ditib communities were concerned “in the highest degree” and your “sense of security disrupted,” said Ditib Chairman Kazim Türkmen on Wednesday to journalists in Cologne.


police officers stand in front of the Central mosque in Cologne. The house of God was cleared after a Drohmail on Tuesday, and scans have been.

©Marius Becker DPA

in the light of the bomb threat on Tuesday in Cologne and the recent Attacks in Ditib mosques in Schleswig and Karlsruhe city is confirmed, Germany’s largest Islamic umbrella Association would “not be intimidated” and continue to contribute to the peaceful coexistence afford. Because of the bomb threat by Email, the police had cleared the Cologne Central mosque and searched, but nothing Suspicious found.

In the Cologne case is also determined as a case in Karlsruhe, where the Unknown brought in, on Tuesday night in front of a mosque Ditib-Flag from a flag mast down and set fire to had. Already on 3. July had been committed in a mosque in Schleswig damage to property. Pages from the Qur’an were thrown in the toilet.

500 animals in an apartment

mouse-Alarm in the Ruhr area – why is the shelter, food, hundreds of small rodents must convey

DPA +++ 15.29 PM: sign against xenophobia: VW adds operating agreement +++

The car maker Volkswagen wants to set a sign against xenophobia. The company agreement on “Partnership-based conduct at the workplace” was added to an appropriate passage, such as a VW spokesman said on Wednesday. Previously, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported about it.

+++ 15.07 PM: the severe weather of the beaches on the Adriatic coast in Italy – injured +++

umbrellas destroyed flying through the air, the sun are destroyed are: A violent storm with hail and squalls in the middle pulled in to the holiday season over parts of the Italian Adriatic coastline. Affected especially the regions of Emilia-Romagna to Rimini, which marks the city of Ancona and Abruzzo, as the weather service 3BMeteo said on Wednesday. In the city of Pescara 18 people were injured, according to the news Agency Ansa reported. In the vicinity of Ancona, a man had died of a lightning strike.

+++ 14.31 PM: Merkel, according to the new dither seizure: “You do not have to Worry about”

After the third shaking fit in a good three weeks continues to grow, the concern for the health of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the reception for the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, with military honors, the whole body of the CDU-politician shook during playing of the national anthems on Wednesday again. Then she said nevertheless that she was well: “You have nothing to Worry about.” Any doubt as to your ability to work as the Head of the German government rejected them. “Otherwise, I’m entirely convinced that I’m in a good performance,” said Merkel.

the reasons for the attack that she was still in the “processing phase” of a first seizure about three weeks ago at the reception of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj. “Which is obviously not finished yet, but there is progress,” said Merkel. “I believe that it is the way it came, one day, will pass away. But it is not yet so far.”

migration package in the Bundestag

Seehofer speaks of a turning point in the migration policy

+++ 14.16 PM: Violent Protest against planned deportation in Leipzig +++

The Protest against a planned deportation in Leipzig is partially degenerates in violence activities. Several hundred people demonstrated on Wednesday night against the deportation of a man, the police announced. Then the situation escalated, police were pelted with stones and bottles. According to data from the country’s Ministry of the interior, eleven officers were injured and three vehicles damaged.

First of all, around 30 people blocked on Tuesday evening, according to the figures, a van, and tried to prevent the deportation. At a later logged in a spontaneous demonstration of around 500 people were involved then. Subsequently, the forces were pelted with bottles and stones.

+++ 13.54 PM: Federal police takes action against marriages of convenience – 28 arrests +++

In the case of a large-scale RAID around 550 officials of the Federal police on Wednesday against band standard sham marriages to proceed. The focus of the investigation, the Metropolitan area of Leipzig, was a spokesman for the authority said in Leipzig. In total, had been since early Wednesday morning in Saxony, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria, 39 objects are searched. 30 of them are located in and around Leipzig. Also in the Thuringian town of Altenburg, in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, and in three Bavarian cities police officers were deployed.

The mainly Pakistani or Indian nationals have been traveling to Eastern Europe and Cyprus, and there with women to get married, and then as a spouse in Germany for a EU residence permit. In part, the marriages were bogus. In addition, the Suspect should also work and registration certificates have been falsified.

+++ 13.49 PM: Prosecutor calls for suspended sentence against Saudi Princess +++

In a lawsuit against the sister of the saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the French Prosecutor has demanded a six-month prison sentence on probation and the payment of 5000 euros. The Princess is accused of, to have your Bodyguard instructed to beat a handyman in Paris, and to humiliate. For the bodyguard of the Princess, a suspended sentence of eight months and a payment of money demanded had been reported by French media unanimously on Wednesday.

+++ 13.48 PM: 4.8 million new entries in the traffic offenders file +++

More than 4.8 million traffic violations has the Flensburger force travel Federal office (KBA) in the last year registered. The were 3.5 percent more than in 2017, as the KBA said. The largest percentage increase among the provinces compared to the previous year, there were in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (more than 374.000 new entries, plus 38 percentt), the largest decline in the neighboring Saarland (just of 38,500 entries, minus 15.5 percent). While the areas of drinking and driving, hit and run or Driving decreases without a license in 2018, were violations, particularly Speed and driving under the influence of drugs registered.

How healthy are the government’s boss?

Merkel’s third trembling seizure in a matter of weeks – the Chancellor says to himself

AFP +++ 13.38 PM: a government spokesperson: “The Chancellor’s good” +++

denied The Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer has health problems, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), despite a renewed trembling attack. “The Chancellor’s fine,” assured Demmer in Berlin several times. Shortly before that, Merkel had trembled at the reception of the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne on the whole body. It was the third such public attack within three weeks.

possible causes and possible medical examinations did not want to comment on Demmer. They merely referred to the fact that the Meeting with the Finnish head of government, as planned, had gone, and that the Chancellor had passed since the first dither seizure three weeks ago all the dates of the “best things”.

+++ 13: 37: criminal warrant against police officers because of anti-Semitic Chat Videos +++

In the affair the dissemination of anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist Videos in a mobile phone chat group of police officers from Bavaria, there are the first criminal consequences. Against an official of the support commands of the Munich police, a criminal warrant was issued for sedition, confirmed a spokesperson of the Munich district court on Wednesday. Against additional officials will be determined. Previously, the Bavarian radio reported.

The 28-Year-old is said to have distributed a Video, which the court regarded as a right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic. It is a child that is unique to an Orthodox Jewish family show. Accompanied by the short Film will ring from the length of a supermarket checkout. Among other things, the national socialists depicted Jews are often as greedy for money.

+++ 13: 28: study: gulls could transfer multiresis duck germs to people +++

scientists in Australia are sounding the Alarm: With multi-resistant germs infected seagulls may transfer the germs to people and serious diseases trigger. According to researchers from the Murdoch University in Perth, approximately 20 percent of silver gulls in Australia with multi-resistant bacteria infected bacteria of this type can cause diseases such as urinary tract infections, blood poisoning or Meningitis.

+++ 13.24 PM: dozens of migrants apprehended in Greece +++

The influx of Refugees from Turkey to Greece continues. The Greek coast guard on the handle to the South of the Peloponnese Peninsula 48 migrants. They were in a yacht on Board a Sailing apparently on the way from Turkey through the Aegean sea to Italy. They were brought to the small Greek port of Gytheion, the coast guard said. Another 45 migrants were apprehended in front of the port city of Alexandroupolis and the island of Chios in the Northern Aegean sea. On the previous day, had, according to the coast 81 migrants from Turkey guard, after Greece converted.


Kim Darroch here at a speech at the end of 2017 in Washington raises his hands high. Darroch had called US President Donald Trump as “unsafe” and “incompetent”.

©Alex Wong AFP +++ 13:09 PM: According to Trump-review: the British Ambassador, to be +++

sets came Despite the backing of his government, the British Ambassador to the United States after his sharp criticism of US President Donald Trump back. The continuing controversy around his Person make it “impossible for my role to be as complete as I would wish it to me,” write said Kim Darroch on Wednesday in his resignation. The outgoing British head of government Theresa May regretted Darrochs decision.

The dispute goes back to internal memos, Darrochs, in which he criticized the U.S. President, among other things, as “insecure” and “incompetent” had. Trump responded, annoyed, as the entries last week were open to the public. On Monday, he said that his government would entertain no contact with Darroch. The Prime Minister May, had been, however, behind their Ambassador.

+++ 13.04 PM: AfD in Saxony constitutional complaint against shortening the country list a +++

In the dispute over the paring down of country list of the AfD to the state election in Saxony, the party has announced a constitutional complaint. The Saxon state Chairman Jörg Urban, said in Dresden, Germany, the AfD had made “no mistakes” in the preparation of the list. He spoke of a political “scheming on the part of” the country election management, with the aim “to weaken the strongest competitors to the state election in 2019, is crucial”.

Nearly two months before the election in Saxony, the land electoral Committee had decided in the last week, that the AfD in the Landtag election on may 1. September 18-list of candidates allowed to compete, although the party had set up a total of 61 candidates. The national election Committee, said the courts 19 to 61, however, invalid on the ground that a violation of the country’s electoral law.

+++ 12.58 PM: EU population rises to over 513 million +++

the population of The European Union is to 1. January 2019 to 513.5 million people increased. As the statistical office of the EU (Eurostat) announced, is an increase of 1.1 million inhabitants, compared to the previous year. Cause of population growth, immigration is, according to Eurostat.

+++ 12.54 PM: Interpol: thousands of wild animals during raids to ensure +++

monkeys, turtles and even sharks: global raids against the illegal trade in wild animals have been ensured according to the information of Interpol numerous types. In the case of the use in more than a hundred countries, nearly 600 Suspects were arrested, as the police have to live in Lyon.

in Total, were found almost to 10,000 sea animals, including sharks and dolphins, as well as 10,000 turtles, and more than 4300 birds. In addition, the authorities of large quantities of seized ivory, and animal skins, among other things, of crocodiles. They are used in many countries for fashion products.

+++ 12.38 PM: investigation for sexual Assault on young people in Herne +++

Also in the Ruhr city of Herne, it is the middle of may a sexual Assault on a youth in the same age were involved. The police of Bochum, who, therefore, already since several weeks, said a police spokesman. Affected a 14-year-old student, two of her classmates at the age of 13 and 14 years, are suspected of the deed.

Herne had met in mid-may, according to the police, four students at the sports Park, Wanne-Eickel. The 14-Year-old was accompanied by a 13-year-old girlfriend. It was alcohol, been drunk and to come later to the sexual Assault. According to police spokesman, the investigation is ongoing. According to their statements, the Prosecutor’s office will decide on further action.

+++ 12.35 PM: Merkel shakes for the third Time – again in the case of politicians-receive +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel has suffered at the reception for the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, with military honors, again, a shaky attack. Eye-witnesses reported that they have trembled at the playing of the national anthems on the Podium a long time. This time the attack had not been as strong as in the previous cases. It is already the third such attack within three weeks.

in mid-June, shaking Merkel at the reception for the new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj violently. Only nine days later she suffered in the appointment of the new Minister of justice, Christine Lambrecht (SPD), Germany’s Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the Schloss Bellevue, once again, such a seizure.

The incident at the reception Selenskyjs was explained to Merkel with the heat and lack of water. After repeating a few days later, Merkel had said only: “I am convinced, so how this reaction occurred, so it will pass again.” The question of what to put incidents behind the Shaking and whether you have consulted a doctor, did not reply to the Chancellor. You could understand the question, she said in front of journalists on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. “I have, but nothing Special. But I’m fine.”

+++ 11.35 am: for the time being, no strikes at Lufthansa – Ufo time +++

passengers of Lufthansa and its offshoot Euro wings takes have to fear for the coming weeks, no strikes. The flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo wants to take in the preparations for possible industrial action, more time than originally announced, so that outstanding payments are still in the summer holiday period is looking increasingly unlikely. For the flight companies Eurowings and Germanwings announced a Vote should “be introduced this month”, as the Ufo-Vice-Chairman Daniel Flohr said. The trade Union wants to give the employees but is likely to be longer periods of up to four weeks for the decision on a labour dispute. Thus a strike by the flight attendants prior to September, it is almost impossible.

Yet more strikes at the parent company Lufthansa are removed. Here, the company has not recognised yet again at the termination of the old collective bargaining contracts. Also, the Union has made so far, no collective demands, as both sides confirm.

+++ 11.26 PM: NRW wants to reduce electricity generation from coal in 2030, by 70% + + +

According to the nationally agreed exit strategy from Coal, North Rhine wants to reduce-Westphalia, the generation of electricity from coal-fired power plants by 2030 up to 70 percent. The NRW Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart (FDP) announced. “It is our declared target, to avoid starting in 2035, and no later than 2038 entirely on the coal-fired power generation,” said Pinkwart. In return, NRW wants to develop the renewable energies from sun and Wind solid. The coal Commission had to exit at the end of January early Coal no later than 2038 decided.

+++ 11.19 PM: Australia wants to indigenous people in the Constitution. acknowledge +++

Australia’s government wants to a recognition of the indigenous people of the country in the Constitution A Referendum should be held, announced that Ken Wyatt, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs,. The Referendum is to be held within three years. Three percent of the 25 million Australians are considered to be native. Referendums are to be held in Australia rare. Only eight of the so far 44 votes, the found since 1901, instead, were successful.

+++ 11.09 PM: Two houses collapsed – at least five Dead in India +++

The collapse of two houses in the southern Indian city of Bangalore in India are at least five people were killed. Rescue workers searched for more victims, which were presumed to be under the rubble, as the police reported. To the Missing numbers you gave. Among the dead is also a three-year-old girl, it was called. Eight people were able to be salvaged thus, to date live.

+++ 10.46 PM: Monaco declares itself the “first state with a universal 5G” +++

While in Germany the Development of ultra-fast mobile Internet will be a struggle, sees Monaco as a pioneer: The Principality said on Tuesday evening for “first state with a universal 5G”. Monaco relies entirely on technology of the Chinese Huawei group. With 5G, the “promise of a better quality of life go hand in hand for all,” said the digital Commissioner of Monaco, Frederic Genta addressed to the almost 40,000 residents. Huawei was recently advised by the United States under justification pressure. There are allegations that the group is able to use his technical possibilities for espionage activities, or the leadership in Beijing to provide.

+++ 10.16 PM: ECJ: Online retailers must make customer no phone number available +++

Online retailers are not obliged under EU law to provide their customers with a telephone number available. The European court of justice (ECJ) decided in Luxembourg. The ECJ made clear that companies would have to provide a means of communication, the consumers quickly and efficiently with the dealers contact could take. The Federal court of justice (BGH) had asked the ECJ following a complaint against Amazon to the interpretation of the relevant EU Directive on the rights of the consumer. The court of justice in Luxembourg stated that companies should set up according to the EU Directive is not a telephone or Fax connection or an E-Mail account. The dealer can offer, therefore, other means of communication such as a call-back system or an Internet Chat.

+++ 9.37 PM: Susanna’s killer has to life in prison +++

judgment in the process the violent death of 14-year-old Susanna from Mainz, Germany: The regional court in Wiesbaden sentenced the accused Ali B. on Wednesday to a life sentence. In addition, the particular Severity of the fault was found. This means that Ali b. all of the advance can not be dismissed point of view, after some 15 years in advance.

The young man was to come in 2015 as a refugee from Iraq to Germany.

+++ 8.52 PM: David Hasselhoff is his wife, “a human become” +++

US singer and actor David Hasselhoff has become, by his third wife, Model Hayley Roberts, “human”. The 66-Year-old said in an Interview with the magazine “Bunte”, by Hayley, he had learned, “to be every Morning when you get Up with the happy with what I have”. He loved his wife sincerely, even though he admitted: “she’s crazy sometimes, a little bit, no matter. I just love them. This is what the world needs. Each other embrace, rather than fight, I’m enjoying it.” For almost a year, Hasselhoff, the 17. July, 67 years old, with Hayley, 39, married. For him, it is the third marriage.

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