Wrong direction: A British Airways machine from London is flown on Monday due to a confusion of flight plans to Edinburgh instead of to Düsseldorf.

The error was only noticed when the crew of a landing in the Scottish city of “‘ve said Welcome in Edinburgh”, the BBC reported.

The deutsche Leasing and Charter airline WDL Aviation, which had carried out the flight on behalf of BA, confirmed the error. The safety of passengers was not compromised at any time. You’ll investigate how it could come to the confusion, said a spokesman for the company that sits at the airport Cologne/Bonn.

British Airways had initially communicated via Twitter, the flight had been diverted, for reasons unknown to Edinburgh””. Later, BA said that it had apologised to all passengers and will appeal to you individually. Of the Scottish city, the plane flew for around two and a half hours late to Düsseldorf. Flight BA 3271 was landed there around 13.00, told a Duesseldorf airport spokesman.

On Twitter, a passenger complained: “I don’t think anybody here a surprise trip booked,” wrote the passenger, ironically. According to the BBC report, the Pilot had to identify all passengers in Edinburgh, if you wanted to go to Düsseldorf. All had a Hand raised.