In the case of a fire in an Escape Room in Poland, five Teenagers are killed. The 15-year-old girl would be celebrated on the Friday in the recreational facility in the North of Poland, Koszalin birthday, said interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski of the private television channel TVN24. A 26-year-old man had been brought in with severe burns to the hospital, such as the fire brigade spokesman Tomasz Kubiak to the AFP news Agency said.

In the case of the injured was a 25-Year-old, said a police spokeswoman. The cause of the fire was initially unknown. Brudzinski ordered a Review of the compliance with the fire protection provisions in all of the more than a thousand Escape Rooms in Poland. Now the determination of the cause. In addition, on Saturday, the fire protection measures in all the Escape rooms in Poland are to be checked, such as Brudzinski announced.

Escape the Rooms needed so far, no permits

In an “Escape Room” has to solve a group under the pressure of time on certain puzzles and tasks, to be able to get out of the room to escape. The game is in the last few years in many countries becoming more and more popular. The operator of “Escape Rooms” to obtain in Poland so far, no special permits from the fire Department.

The authorities wanted to make on Friday still no further details on the incident. According to initial findings, the fire brigade, the fire broke out in an adjoining room. One of the firemen on the spot said the newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” that the fire had already raged in all the rooms of the ground floor, as the fire brigade had arrived. The fire had so cut off, apparently the Victims of the escape route. Triggered the fire, according to the newspaper, probably by the Explosion of a gas cylinder. The spokesperson for the Koszaliner police stressed, however, that one could say nothing to the causes of the fire.

the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda expressed on Twitter to the families of the victims expressed his condolences: “A devastating tragedy in Koszalin. Five cheerful girls were torn from life,” he wrote. The families of the victims, Minister of the interior, Brudzinski of the law and justice party (PiS) to said non-bureaucratic help.

Koszalin is located approximately 160 kilometres to the West of Danzig (Gdansk) in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The mayor of the city, Piotr Jedlinski, declared Sunday a day of mourning

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