Five Dead, were found at two widely separated places: The Passauer crossbow case and the death of two women in lower Saxony, Wittingen to give a lot of puzzles. The investigators go on to the question of how it all hangs together.

What we know Who discovered the five dead were : The 53-Year-old and the 33-Year-old were in a small town in the Westerwald forest in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The man operating in the nearby Hachenburg, a medieval shop. The 30-Year-old lived in Wittingen in the district of Gifhorn, in lower Saxony, and the sale was according to the police Director in a bakery. The 35-Year-old was as an elementary school teacher. The fifth death, the victim is a 19-Year-old, who lived in Wittingen.

Five dead bodies in Passau and Wittingen

crossbow case: the subject is still in the dark – the dead 19-Year-old to apply for years as missing in action

DPA The connection of the five persons to each other : it is Known that the 53-Year-old and the 33-Year-old were reported at the same address. There until two months ago was discovered according to prosecutors, the 30-Year-old. The 35-year-old and the 30-year-old woman were a Couple. The 19-Year-old also lived in the apartment.The cause of death on Saturday in the Bavarian city of Passau, found two women and the man: The autopsy revealed that the man and the 33-year-old woman, the Hand-in-Hand were in a bed, by a shot to the heart were killed. The 30-Year-old, who was on the floor, was, according to prosecutors, shot in the neck fatally. the What is in the Passauer Board room , has happened according to the Prosecutor, on the basis of the autopsy results at least suggest: Accordingly, the 30-Year-old the other two and then shot himself. The authority is of euthanasia or suicide. In the Board room , the investigators wills , which came from the two people in the bed. The man and the two women checked in on Friday evening in the guest house and took only the three crossbows into the room. Travel Luggage or dental plaster stuff not found in the room, according to prosecutors.What we do not know the cause of death in Wittingen found women : The bodies of 19 and 35-year-old women were in the apartment the 30-Year-old in Wittingen, who died in turn in Passau. The two bodies had according to the police, no signs of external violence. Arrows and crossbows were not found.

Advanced suicide

Five dead bodies and a medieval download – the mysterious crossbow-the case of Passau

DPA the five people knew each other – where exactly may all of five originally from the Rhineland-Palatinate, and had met there. the subject is still completely in the dark. Why the four women and the man died is still unclear.It is not known, what kind of crossbow used, the three Parties in Passau, Germany. At least one of the three found weapons they had previously purchased in Austria, as a spokesman for the Passauer Prosecutor’s office said. The evidence of a receipt. It was a modern crossbow.Why the 53-Year-old and his companion have been selected, of all things, Passau, and especially this Guesthouse , the public Prosecutor’s office, according to a riddle. Previously, they were at least in Austria. It is unclear how long they were there and what they did there. tkr / DPA