It is a whimsical place, this secluded medieval store in the small town of Hachenburg in the Westerwald. Behind a window of the commercial building, a mannequin is posing on a counter in black nylon stockings, with blood-like color smearing. Blue ropes hanging from the arms and legs of the doll, chains around the neck. At the entrance, a chalkboard announces sword fight training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Behind empty wooden crates piled up next to the two Templar knights-flags. Also, a fire place and a battle axe.

This Download is a 53-Year-old, was lifeless, found in a guest house of around 600 kilometers away in Passau, Hand – in-Hand operation, lying on the bed with a 33-year-old woman. Beside them on the floor: a 30-year-old woman. In the bodies of the three dead were arrows from a crossbow. A bizarre case in which there are always new twists and turns began.

Because in the apartment the 30-Year-old in lower Saxony, Wittingen were shortly thereafter discovered two more bodies of Women. One of the women was, according to police, the girlfriend of the 30-Year-old. References to external force, there is not – it speaks according to the investigators, a lot of suicide.

crossbow case: many open questions

During more and more Details come to light, the case is still a lot of questions. What is your relationship with all five of the dead were to each other? How are the events at the different locations? And how the two women died in Wittingen?

crossbow case

body finds in Passau, Germany, and Korea: What has been found by the police so far


For the Trio in Passau, the local Prosecutor’s office has first answers given. Everything seemed to indicate that the 30-Year-old only got the other two and then shot himself, according to the authority on Tuesday. She is killing on Request or extended suicide.

speaking from the point of view of the criminologist Christian Pfeiffer “staging” of the Whole, as reported in the media. That you have ordered in the guest house, no Breakfast. Or that the two women had arrived in dark clothes. According to prosecutors, the Trio had no Luggage – only three crossbows.

Has agreed to meet the Trio in a spectacular farewell to the world? Ruth Belzner, a psychologist and Chairman of the Evangelical conference for telephone counseling, warns, to distinguish between extended and common suicide. In the case of extended suicide people against their will would be torn into the death, as defined. “In the case of joint suicide, I would assume that there is a concerted itself was killing, when all Parties are in agreement,” she explains.

The reasons why people take the life, are as different as the people themselves, says Belzner. “It may be that the willingness is greater to do this last step, if you are doing it together. That they find it subjectively easier.” Perhaps also a message to retarded to put in it.

Multiple suicide: Is there a beneficiary?

The question of a possible message keeps Belzner in the Passau case, for obvious. “I would suspect that it was to send a Signal and not to just go.” The spectacular resources of a crossbow speak. The content of such a message, the psychologist does not want to speculate but.

Mysterious deaths

Who all a crossbow is allowed to buy – and why it is not valid as a weapon

From the point of view of the criminologist Pfeiffer, the police must clarify, in the case of a large-scale suicide with possibly five Parties now, whether there is a sixth people who benefits from the death of the other – for example, if a will is present. “Is there a beneficiary? Someone has convinced the other, perhaps, to the fact?”

In the idyllic Westerwald village near Hachenburg, in the 53-Year-old has lived, guarding, meanwhile, two policemen in a patrol to the house of the dead car. Part unplastered, three-storied, it is on a small street.

Dennis, a 28-year-old house painter, says: “The place is in shock. This is a sleepy area, here’s a cow does not fall to a maximum of time, so what we know here.” On Monday, a lot of police was at the house of the Killed. “His son took them as witnesses.” Everything was very strange. “Who knows what was going on in his head?”

you have suicidal thoughts?

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