After the fire disaster in an “Escape Room” in Poland, with five dead, the Prosecutor’s office has released new findings. Therefore, it was the Victims impossible, to escape the flames, as last Friday a fire in the area broke out, because the latch was missing on the single door of the room.

The doorknob on the inside of the “Escape Rooms” is removed and hidden, said the spokesman of the authority in the North of Poland, Koszalin Ryszard Gasiorowski, on Wednesday the German press Agency. To find them, you need to solve to have been part of the “Escape-game”, in the case of the participants under time pressure tasks, in order to relieve themselves from a confined space.

“Escape-Room” is a deadly trap

“A different escape route than the door, there was not,” said Gasiorowski. The window had been blocked with Plasterboard. The five 15-year-old girls celebrating a birthday, and had therefore had no Chance to get out of the enclosed space itself.

from the outside, the flames prevented the rescue of the Teenager. The fire section to an employee of the “Escape Rooms,” the path to the Included. The 25-year-old Pole, who suffered burns, ran to the street to get help. For the girl who died, according to preliminary findings of a flue gas poisoning, she came but it was too late. You will be buried on Thursday.

The 28-year-old owner of the “Escape Rooms” is in custody, him casual killing threatening due to safety violations, and driving up to eight years in prison.

tragedy in Poland

Five girls die in fire in Escape Room

Five girls celebrating a birthday in an Escape Room. Then a fire breaks out. The room is a deadly trap. How could the tragedy?

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