The Finnish government has urged British citizens in the country to register in the face of growing fears of a chaotic Brexit as soon as possible at the immigration authority.

there Should be a Brexit, without fixed agreements, would be living in Finland, British to be declared citizens of a Third country, the interior Ministry in Helsinki. Finland wanted to protect in the future, the possibility of Britons in the country to live, work and study.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä said on Wednesday the news Agency STT that he would ask all living in Finland, British, their right of residence with the immigration office as soon as register goes, you should have not done this yet. The important thing is that all of the approximately 5000 Britons in the country could live in the case of a British EU-exit without a agreement in Finland. In Finland you have to register with the immigration authority, if it is longer than three months in the country, regardless of where you come from.

The British house of Commons voted on Tuesday evening with a clear majority against Brexit agreement of the Prime Minister, Theresa May with the EU. Two and a half months before the planned withdrawal of the British, therefore, is the worry that an unregulated Brexit to apply. Wrote the vote Sipilä on Twitter, the vote was unhappy, but no Surprise. Finland also take precautions for the case of a Brexits without agreement.