The star has just celebrated 70-year anniversary. Over the decades, the magazine has always stood out particularly about the strong images, the photo reports. From 1948 to 1997 have accumulated around 15 million recordings in the analog photo archive, in the Form of prints, Negatives and slides. Almost 50 Years Of Human History. Now the publishing house Gruner + Jahr hands this treasure of the Bavarian state library (BSB). The long-term existence of the images is to be secured and they should be made available to the Public and accessible to research.

“For a universal library, like the BSB,” says Klaus Ceynowa, Director-General of the Bavarian state library, “to Collect and Preserve over a long, very long periods of time – ultimately for eternity – to the core business of your cultural order. We are proud to receive these fascinating pictures treasure for future generations and to make it gradually available to the Public, also in digital Form.”

Frank Thomsen, stern-Publisher, and Gruner + Jahr spokesman: “With the BSB as a Partner, we know our photo archive in the best of hands, in order to preserve this vast collection for the long term and make it usable. We are delighted that she has now found a new home in an Institution for more than 450 years for the collection and Curation of cultural heritage.”

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Whether in the shower, with Franz Beckenbauer and Pelé, on the plane with the Ayatolla Khomeini, or in the Pool with Willy Brandt – the star was always live, and has built up thus a remarkable historical archive. We have prepared a small excerpt for you. Click track through the photo.