In the dispute over EU exit occurs, the British Parliament on the spot. The Prime Minister May offers their resignation should be accepted your Brexit Deal. Possible successor pawing with hooves. After a chaotic day in the lower house is now expected voltage, when the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, her Brexit agreement to vote again. The international press commented on the events in the UK:

the United Kingdom

The Guardian : “Finally, the Parliament can have a say: no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.”

“no one is crying. The Curious thing is: We will miss you, even though she was the worst Prime Minister in our political life – without limitation. There was, however, a very great task in your term of office, By filling the space, kept the barbarian hordes of Brexit advocates, acknowledged each other in the attempt to get out of the way to occupy your throne.”

Times : “Theresa May has become the Inevitable bent. She was given with the Brexit, an almost impossible-to-sheet, you played amazingly bad. The litany of their failure is known to kicks – from the decision to exit from the EU in article 50 without activating a Plan on your a lot of to be rigid red lines up to the denial of cross-party cooperation even after they had lost their majority in Parliament due to botched elections.

she was motionless, as flexibility was required. She was secretive, as they are supposed to be open. She has to rely on trickery, as the sincerity was appropriate. You proved to be incapable to sell their own Plan. In the end, they had betrayed the trust of all, whose support they needed – their Cabinet, their party, the Parliament and the EU.”

Brexit negotiations

Theresa May, sacrifices himself and the insane Chaos makes only insane

By Michael Streck

“Daily Express” : “What do you do”? Yesterday, Theresa May offered your resignation to find a way out of Brexit-cul-de-SAC. But her selfless gesture of a chaotic series of votes, in which members of Parliament had no alternative Plan.”

the Netherlands

“De Standaard” : “Yes, the woman who wanted to give up in any case, has now offered to resign on the condition that she gets to exit the EU agreement by the house of Commons. If that succeeds can the United Kingdom on the 22. May leave in an orderly manner to the EU, also to the relief of Europe. But how big are your chances of success? Compared with the second vote three weeks ago, 75 deputies would have to change your mind. In the past few days, many have declared adversary that you might be supported Mays Deal. Although you will not find the agreement suddenly good, but at least it guaranteed a Brexit. Even hardliners such as Jacob Rees-Brexit–Mogg and Boris Johnson barely had to suspend a little to the Deal, it was said three weeks before, he would make the United Kingdom to a vassal state.”


Neue Zürcher Zeitung : “A resignation of the hapless head of government, alone, will change nothing in the composition of the individual bearings in the Parliament and their influence on the course of things. What is a successor or a successor, but under these conditions, unlike Theresa May? To ambitious politicians that are also in the midst of the biggest Mess to apply, not missing it. Is some evidence that this is for the sake of intra-party Majority will not be a representative of the two extreme wing of the Pro – Europeans and Brexit-hardline. Louder the call for new elections is expected to be under these conditions.”

, Spain

“La Vanguardia” : “Surprises are almost never really surprising. Not even the iceberg of the Titanic, suddenly appeared on the Route of the ship. (…) The tragedy of the Titanic is used by the British press as a metaphor for the Brexit. On Saturday one Million people in London took to the streets to warn the country of what is, ( … ). But this desperate cry has not brought the expected effect.

(the Prime Minister) Theresa May, who does not want to leave the ship as Edward John Smith, the captain of the Titanic, with its exit plan from the European Union doesn’t come through, and there is the fear that what no one wants is going to happen: a Brexit without agreement. That would be the worst shipwreck.”

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