Finally! Finally, the SPD and the CDU seem to put back something of a constructive conflict culture of the day. While the SPD turns away with a new “social state concept” of Hartz IV, the CDU at the refugee policy of 2015. Whether is now equal to the Break-up of the Grand coalition emerges. Also, whether the party decisions to find a majority in the Bundestag, is not so important. But the rise of the AfD is also due to the fact that voters had the impression that discussions take place at most at the Cabinet table, then the decision will be sold in the groups, the members will vote in accordance with, and with their majority, the Grand coalition brings everything anyway by the Bundestag.


the “border regime”, an “early warning system”, “hardness” – the CDU wants to upgrade in the refugee policy


The impression that the actual policy would be decided behind closed doors, was not only for the parties is fatal, but for the discussion of culture and democracy in Germany. Both contributed to the feed the of the AfD like well-maintained myth, all the other parties are, in principle, anyway. If the SPD and Union rings now and again to points of view, then refute exactly that. Especially the SPD can win back with a sharper socio-political profile of those voters who feel forgotten by society. With satisfaction to have been passed at the closed meeting of the Board of management new survey values around the state, at least, after weeks of Stagnation, a little recovery up to 17 percent.

discussions as an opportunity for the SPD and the CDU

And the CDU can be reconciled with a discussion of their own refugee policy, those who kept the Open borders 2015 for an error or hold. The discussion in the CDU shows The times, in which Angela Merkel said controversial the sound, are gone. The new CDU-Chairman of Anngret Kramp-Karrenbauer seems to want to cultivate a different culture of discussion in the party.

coalition government

SPD-social concept and CDU-migration plans: Controls the Grand coalition on your end?

Both parties show that, Despite the Grand coalition, we have different points of view and discuss them in a transparent and controversial, before we come to decisions. If the CDU and the SPD hold up to the next Federal election, likely to be for many voters a Alternative to the alleged “Alternative for Germany”. And, thus, the CDU and the SPD are doing a Favor not only themselves, but also of democracy in Germany.