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fighter jet in Cuba, crashed – Pilot is able to save himself with the ejection seat (21: 27)the protection of the Constitution may not describe the AfD as a “test case” (14.54 hours), and May offers the Parliament to shift the Brexit (13.49 PM)Dutch customs seized 90,000 bottles of vodka – you should have been Kim Jong-Un (13.33 hours), and fishing in Japan rare strap catch fish (11.19 PM)According to the ECJ, is Halal meat not organic (10.24 PM)

crashed, The news of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 21.27 PM: fighter jet in Cuba – Pilot is able to save himself with the ejection seat +++

In the West of Cuba, a fighter aircraft of type MiG-21 from an unknown cause, crashed. The Pilot could save himself, according to eye witnesses, the ejection seat before the machine, in the municipality of Güira de Melena crashed about 40 kilometers from the capital Havana away on the ground. The state media and the authorities of the socialist island state not reported initially about the crash.

The MiG-21 Soviet-type was, especially at the times of the Cold war in the 1970s and 1980s, one of the most important jet fighters of the Warsaw Pact. The machines were also exported to many other countries. Most recently it’s come TO in April 2017, eight people died when a transport plane of the military from the type-26 against a mountain flew.

+++ 19.37 PM: Amri-friend was nice stroke has probably resided in France +++

The Tunisians Bilal Ben Ammar, a friend of the later Christmas-assassin Anis Amri, 2016 during the terrorist attack of nice, probably in France. This is from a note from the Federal criminal police office of 30. March 2017, the German press Agency, could see.

The Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, the ARD-Magazin “contrasts” and the “Berliner Morgenpost” reported, the documents suggested that Ben Ammar, at the time of the attack in nice on 14. July 2016 on-site might have been. In the southern French port city is a radical Islamist with a load was on this day, the car drove over a Boulevard – he killed 86 people. The Tunisians Amri chose at the Christmas market on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, on 19. December 2016 the same method. He killed twelve people. The night before the attack, he ate with Ben Ammar in a Local.

+++ 18.29 PM: EU: UK truck may No-Deal-Brexit + +

to cart + British lorries and buses should also be allowed in the case of an unregulated Brexits applicable on a temporary basis until the end of the year in the European Union, goods and people transport. A prerequisite is that the UK, EU carriers giving the same rights. The fact of the EU Parliament and the EU member States agreed under the dealer.

This is part of a whole package of emergency measures for the case that there is no exit agreement with the UK. The arrangements are intended to mitigate Chaos in the event of a so-called No-Deal-Brexits. The EU institutions must approve the now, any formal.

+++ 16.28 PM: Nearly 300 Venezuelan military and police +++

In the last few days deserted, according to media 300 members of the Venezuelan security forces report almost deserted. According to the Colombian migration authorities 274 military and police officers are starting on Saturday across the border to Colombia fled, as the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo” reported. On the Brazilian side are run, according to the news portal “G1” seven Venezuelan Uniformed over.