some marriage is just not for eternity. This experience now had to make a Few from Kuwait. Hardly the wedding ceremony was performed the ceremony that made the newlywed husband of a gaffe, his wife could not forgive him. The local newspaper “Q8 News reports”. But what could be so Bad happens in the few moments?

On the way out of the court building, the woman stumbled. But, instead of his just-wedded help, taunted the man, apparently, is stupid. The Offended turned around, ran back to the booth officials and demanded that the marriage on the spot will be dissolved again. You have so necessary a kind of criticism shortly after the marriage, simply do not, so your justification.


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The officer followed her request and dissolved the marriage. A whole three minutes the two were married, and thus in the history of Kuwait: for the shortest marriage in the history of the country.

In the social networks, is celebrated the woman for her decision. “A marriage without respect is doomed to Failure from the beginning”, about the comments.

the British were after 90 minutes

a divorce Whether it is also the shortest marriage in the world’s history, can’t say with certainty. Known only to a case from the United Kingdom who had claimed this title for himself was to become so far. Scott all these compositions were then, and Victoria Anderson have been in 2004, after only 90 minutes after marriage, and again divorce. Also in this Couple, the woman was the Initiator of the separation. Anderson was a toast of her husband, which was addressed to the bridesmaids, so in a Rage that she broke an ashtray on his head, according to the British Gossip rag “Metro”.

arrived As the police in the case of the wedding ceremonies, to handle the freshly baked husband the officials. The night he spent in a prison cell, while his wife took the time to file for divorce.

sources: “Q8 News”, “Metro”


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