defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) because of their dealings with the adviser affair in their own house under pressure. According to documents available to the star, played by the then head of Department for planning in the Ministry of defence, Erhard Bühler, from September 2017 a Central role in the awarding of an IT contract to the company, Accenture, for Bühler’s Duz-Known Timo Noetzel is a leader in the Work should take. And yet, he gained no serious consequences for the Ministry of defence feel.

Although Buhler was previously become in 2016 the Catholic godfather of five children of the Accenture-Manager, Noetzel, moved the authority, no disciplinary consequences. Accenture took care of then in the year 2018, months a pilot project for the evaluation of data on the military transport plane Airbus A400 M, in the framework of a so-called Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Order Value: A Minimum Of 11 Million Euros.

In the summer of 2018, the Federal court of auditors criticized that the Ministry had paid Accenture in breach of procurement law as a sub-contractor for a completely different framework agreement for IBM Software. The damage due to this and another project amounts to about one Million euros.

Ministry denies damage

The job has been stopped – even if the Ministry denies that there was a damage. Now, a Committee of inquiry of the Bundestag deals with the consultant affair, it is also a matter of more million-dollar contracts with external companies.

However, the Three-star General Bühler defended himself: Not he, but other officials would have made the specific award. The Ministry relieved him of how other members of staff. “Sufficiently serious indications of personal misconduct, necessarily require the inclusion of the immediate disciplinary investigation, has not provided the report with a view to the files view and the result of the surveys so far,” it said in an investigation report of the Ministry by the end of 2018.

Erhard Bühler. A leader in the investigation of Andreas Conradi, head of the Department for law and previously head of the management staff of Minister von der Leyen was involved. He is now pursuing for the military Department, the work of the investigation Committee.

And Conradi took on the 13. November 2018, together with a colleague, the “official survey” of Bühler to the operations. According to the report, available to the star, acknowledged the General in this two and a half hour round, that he to a meeting on the 28. September 2017 was invited to participate in the pilot project. In addition to Airbus, two people from Accenture, including Timo Noetzel, the father of his five children sat for the first time.

Own staff with the necessary knowledge there was not

Why? In the interrogation Protocol, it sounds like the Meeting was almost a coincidence. The appointment came “in the short term in the day”, according to Bühler, because representatives of Airbus and Accenture had then on the same day, a joint appointment with the then state Secretary Katrin Suder, also a longtime acquaintance of Noetzel. And also before their time in the Ministry a consultant for McKinsey.

you have used the professionals from the outside, was, according to Bühler, is clear: “The involvement of external advisers was among the participating heads of Department and the Secretary of state is indisputable, since it was new, disruptive technology.” Own personnel “with the knowledge” had not been “clearly available”.


arms exports

show Sensitive logs, such as the government’s arms exports justified

Hans-Martin Tillack

Worse still, determine From the point of view of the Generals you needed even already Advisor, which Advisor you should employ. “The early involvement of consultants from Accenture, and to my knowledge is usual, to know what you are talking about,” explained the General: “Only in coordination with the consultants, the necessary requirements for staff, and a Budget can be prepared in useful.”

Buhler said at the same time, that not he, but another Department I suggested to entrust the company Accenture. As the leading head of the Department, he had shown his “support” for this idea, because he made good experiences with the “excellent work” of the company. So he had given “the order”, “to examine the implementation of the pilot project with Accenture”. The final decision would be taken then others.

notes on a Buddy System in the Ministry

Secretary of state Suder have supported “the use of Accenture”. Of “cronyism” can be no question here, the way he as a “slander”.

According to the star present protocols, other officials Bühler’s commitment were perceived to be quite stringent. The order of the pilot project Buhler in a meeting on 6 have. October issued, said a Department head at the time of their survey: “The brief was that ‘we make PLM and we will make it with Accenture’,” she said: “I am sure that it was said, we are working with Accenture”. And she added: “the speech was by a different company.” Discussed only the leadership had been “” within the Department of Bühler.

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