Cologne: Federal police officers beat with railway security service

At the Cologne Central station on Wednesday evening, a disagreement between Federal police officers and an employee of the DB security to a brawl. As reported by the police, were called in the officials of ticket-inspectors of the railway to a person alien detection on a railway platform. There had been problems with a traveller without a ticket. On the train platform, a security service employee. He was on the phone, according to police and ignored the policemen. Of a call, the phone put away, he would not be complied with. “As a Federal COP, the 45-Year-old, the phone tried to take away, the Situation escalated,” write the officials. The man yelled and pushed the police officers. The requested reinforcements, overwhelmed the DB-man, and handcuffed him. Not without problems: at Least one of the officials he struck with the fist in the face, so that this came to pass, subsequently to treatment in a hospital. In the case of the man, two more knives were found.

As reported in the “Express”, had been found the security man in the S-Bahn on the way to the service of colleagues in Uniform but without a ticket. He does not, there is a need for the way to his work, learned the sheet. Nevertheless, the control called on your for reasons unknown, the personal details statement to the police. Now video to contribute recordings to further clarification.

source: “Express”

Kassel, Germany: 16-Year-old attacked and injured

Two Unknown attacked a 16-Year-old in Kassel on the road and injured. The young people suffered in the incident, a broken nose and came to the hospital, the police announced in the night to Friday. According to the young woman she was zwehren on the early evening of the Thursday in the area of upper road, as the two Unknowns came. One had struck suddenly in the face and her cell phone out of my Hand ripped, it said. The other one got robbed of her shoulder bag. Subsequently, the two men fled.

Mirow: man flees from traffic control – police shoots

Once a man with his car escaped in front of a police control, officials have charged a motorist near Mirow in the Mecklenburg lake district. He should be arrested on Thursday evening on a Federal road, he drove away, the police announced in the night to Friday. Behind Mirow, he was able to be stopped ten minutes later. The driver initially attempted to flee still and rammed the car two strips. To prevent re-escape, the conservation of the forces used to fire on its tires, the police announced. The driver and two passengers were arrested. As it turned out, had not been approved, the car and license plate of another vehicle.

Berlin: a dead homeless man in the Park

In the former the “Berlin air and bathing Paradise” (Blub) discovered in Berlin-Neukölln, a dead shelter has been found loose. Passers-by discovered the 51-year-old man Thursday night shortly after 23: 00 on the site of the former “Blub” in the Buschkurgallee, police said on Friday. Therefore, the man had not have a fixed address. In addition, there is no evidence of foreign influence. First of all, the “B. had reported, for example”. Cause of death the police were able to make. Only an autopsy could provide more detailed insights.