the Green light for the body cameras The police can begin with the use of so-called body Cams. The staff Committee in the Federal Ministry of the interior has signed the required service agreement on Friday, a spokesman confirmed. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported about it. With body-worn body-Cams police can document official missions in picture and sound. This should make it possible to check in retrospect the legality of their actions.

For use with the Federal police, there are certain hurdles. According to the law, it must go to the “protection of civil servants and officials of the Federal police or a third party against a danger to life, limb, liberty, or property,” the prosecution of criminal offences or in particular cases, to administrative offences “of considerable importance”. After certain periods, the data are to be deleted, if they are not needed for enlightenment.


What are the video surveillance by police officers?

managers to decide on the use of Bodycam

The service agreement governs according to “image” the application of the devices, handling the recordings and the protection of the identity of the officials, if Clips need to be for court proceedings to third parties. In accordance with the service agreements, the managers decide when and where the camera is used. “Performance and behavior controls” on the basis of the recordings, however, are not permitted. For internal investigations, the recordings may not be used.

Until the end of the year will be introduced the 2300, the body Cams in the entire Federal police. Be used according to the Ministry, units of the type Motorola Si500.

jek / DPA