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arms embargo against Saudi Arabia extended (23.13 hours), and President of the Parliament, allowed a third vote on Brexit Deal (18.10), the Fourth of deaths after shots of Utrecht (16.38 PM)EU Frontex decides to Expand to up to 10,000 border guards (16.18 PM)May want to leave on Friday for the third Time on Brexit-Deal vote (13.12 PM)EU decides Frontex Expansion to up to 10 000 border guards (12.17 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 23.13 watch: Federal government extends arms embargo against Saudi Arabia +++

The Moratorium on arms exports to Saudi Arabia will be extended. The Federal government have agreed to extend the delivery-stop for six months to the end of September, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Thursday evening. In this period, in principle, no new applications would be approved.

+++ 19.26 PM: Venezuela opposition chief Guaidó for political office locked +++

In the power struggle between the government and the Opposition in Venezuela says the court of auditors, the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó the exercise of political office for 15 years. “He is not of him perceived to be attributable to public tasks and cooperation with foreign governments, actions to the detriment of the Venezuelan people,” said the Chairman of the government loyal to the court of auditors, Elvis Amoroso, for justification. In addition, there is doubt as to the Lawfulness of his income. In Venezuela, two investigative proceedings against Guaidó. the

+++ 19.13 PM: scammers pose as a French Minister, and loot millions total +++

impostor have spent as France’s foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to cheat in order to large sums of money. The three men contacted after the Paris justice information wealthy Frenchman, to ask them to alleged Ransom for French hostages. Thus, they captured several millions of euros. The Franco-Israeli Trio had already been to the end of February in Tel Aviv in focus, according to the latest reports from investigation circles.

+++ 18.10 PM: President allowed a third vote on Brexit Deal +++

The British Parliament’s President has allowed the for Friday provided the third vote on the Brexit Treaty. The submission of the government of Prime Minister Theresa May was “new” and differed “substantially” from the two previous applications, reasoned John Bercow in the house of his decision. Bercow had previously granted a further vote on the same request a cancellation. Is now a renewed debate and vote. Theresa May was yesterday, from the office of the Prime Minister to resign, should be adopted in the EU in a Deal still in the house. Whether this will change the current voting conditions, remains questionable. So far, Mays Brexit had failed to Deal twice already in the Parliament.


The British Parliament speaker John Bercow

DPA +++ 17.38 PM: France restores more Foie Gras +++

After two years of decline due to the bird flu, the French farmers 2018 have produced more Foie Gras. Last year, 19,000 tonnes of foie Gras came on the market, such as the Foie Gras Association announced on Thursday. In 2017, only about 13,500 tons were produced. From the record production in the year 2015, the number 2018 is still a long way back then, farmers sold more than 20,000 tons.

Gourmets who relish Foie Gras, animal rights activists complain, however, that ducks and geese suffer at the Fattening: slaughter, the animals are fed for several weeks with a grain forced, until their livers are completely engorged fat to a multiple.

+++ 17.27 PM: WTO confirms Boeing received ongoing illegal subsidies +++

In the dispute to illegal Boeing subsidies, the USA are in the last instance, before the world trade organization (WTO). The US government have not taken all of 2011 and 2012, as illegal Internet privileges for U.S. aircraft manufacturers such as claimed, ruled the WTO appellate body.

+++ 16.56 PM: court: Poroshenko paid no money for Meeting with Trump +++

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in a British court find that he had paid no money for a date with his American colleague Donald Trump. The British broadcaster, the BBC apologised for the false allegation that he had used in the spring of last year. The BBC’m going to main the head of state in addition, all court costs and expenses reimbursed, shared with the transmitter.

In may of 2018, had claimed the public broadcaster, Poroshenko to Meet the equivalent of several hundred said to have paid thousands of euros to trump’s Ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen. The President’s office in Kiev at that time had rejected the allegations as a “blatant lie, slander, and false report”.

+++ at 16: 47: Italy Senate adopts advanced self-defense law +++

The Italian Senate has approved in its third and final reading a law on the significant extension of the self-defense right. In the case of severe trespassing, it is the law that allowed to fire in self-defense to the intruder. Who is accused of killing or injury of people in self-defense on his property or in his house, not for the court costs and attorney fees. At the same time, the penalties for theft, theft and trespassing load increases. A release on parole is only available for the payment of material Damages to the victims. The right-wing Lega Nord party to the interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini had made in the past years, for private individuals and traders is strong, the unarmed burglar had killed.

+++ 16.38 at: the Netherlands: Fourth of deaths after shots of Utrecht +++

After the shooting in a tram in Utrecht has increased the number of fatalities to four. A 74-year-old man succumbed to his serious injuries, informed the public Prosecutor in the Dutch city. In the last week, a man was shot in a tram suddenly. Three people were killed immediately. Of the three severely injured a young woman has been discharged now from the hospital. A victim is still in the hospital.

The alleged perpetrator is the 37-year-old Gökmen T. – he has confessed to the crime and declared to have acted alone. His motive is unclear. The Prosecutor’s office accused him of four counts of murder, with a terrorist motive. The fact had shocked the Netherlands hard.