Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey has understanding, if the countries use the Federal billions from the so-called Good-Kita-law to reduce the daycare fees.

“quality, on the one hand and participation on the other, the relief of the parents for the fees, the two go together from our point of view a piece of,” said the SPD politician, the broadcaster SWR.

We could talk a lot about quality, but if children could not even go in the nursery, because this is for the parents financially viable, “then that is a Situation that we can’t have that”.

It was also a question of equal opportunities and compatibility of family and profession, said Giffey. “It should not be all things to all free of charge. But it is a question that, for example, government support, the residential get money, get the child allowance that will be exempt from the fees. And that we have also a social differentiation, which is determined according to the income.”

the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. on Friday in their last sessions before the Christmas break, just in time before the planned Start of the 1 January, the “Good-Kita-law” adopted. The Federal government will allow a higher percentage of the sales tax revenue now the countries up to 2022, around 5.5 billion euros. How countries use the money, you can decide for yourself, So that you can extend around the Kita-Hours or more educators. The aim is to improve the educational care.

The Federal Chairman of the Local government Association of the CDU/CSU, Christian Haase, warned not to use too many resources for the reduction of Kita-posts. “We need to further Expand child care and to improve the quality of care, more teachers,” he said on Saturday. “Who is now looking for its center of gravity in the case of a contribution to a discharge, must know that he is introducing 2023 either re-posts or in front of an additional hole in the Budget.”

The German Association of towns and municipalities insists on a more permanent day-care assistance by the Federal government. A temporary funding has not yet been created no long-lasting quality. “So that quality can have improvements to be sustainable, need to engage the Federal government permanently on the year 2022, financially,” said League of cities-managing Director Gerd Landsberg, the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Saturday). Both the Federal as well as in the Federal Council had been criticized for that in the law of Federal Minister of family Affairs so far, no follow-up regulation and funding would be presented.