Three months before the European elections, the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) has warned of a rise of populist forces, if there is sufficient absence of social reforms.

“What dire may have consequences if you underestimate the structural change, and it is missing in addition to social security, you can see in the United States, where populist politicians have a decisive influence have won,” said salvation after a visit to the United States, the German press Agency in Berlin. In the European elections on may 26. May is expected to increased support for populist parties.

“not The work, but there will be other work,” said Heil. Through education, training and qualification of people in work would have to be kept operational. “The work ability of the employees in the change, is today a Central contribution to the economic and industrial policy.” The coalition will go the necessary steps.

After talks in Washington and Detroit salvation, said: “In the replies to the structural change we need in Germany, the largest economy in to hide.” The politician leading the German dual System of vocational training, the qualification offensive of the government and the social security systems. “Further reforms are in the pipeline to ensure opportunities and protection in transition.”

With a view on the auto industry, which has been the focus of several of his appointments in the United States, said of salvation: “From Autonomous, there is in the international competition to solve a lot of tasks To up to electronic drives.” Germany had for this competition is a good starting position. “But we must hurry, in order to remain successful.”

healing spoke of a “double stress test” for the automotive industry. She had to change because of the significant impact of digitisation as well as because of the need to develop new, clean drives. “In Detroit, I have experienced how much the American automotive industry has to contend with the new challenges.”