The Banging continues: Also, eleven days after the Disappearance of the 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin, there is still no trace of the girl. However, the police reports a success: it has taken on Thursday a Suspect. The star answers the most important questions about the missing person’s case:

Who the arrested man is?

the police and the public Prosecutor’s office reported on Thursday midday that you have taken in connection with the Disappearance of the young people a Person. For more information on the identity of the suspect they did not. Several Newspapers (including the “world”, “Berliner Morgenpost”) reported citing ‘ sources in the ranks of the police, that it was someone from the immediate environment Rebecca’s. The “image” reported that the Suspect was the husband of the older sister of the Missing, so Rebecca’s brother-in-law. In the house of the couple, Rebecca had stayed in before her Disappearance. An official confirmation of this. The man was questioned after the statements of the family of Rebecca several times previously by the investigators. Whether the arrested Person has said something to the case of the missing schoolgirl, is not known. “The interrogations continue,” said a police spokesman. An arrest warrant is not requested according to the current state, so it can be assumed that the suspicion can still not be referred to as “urgent”.


Rebecca Reusch, 15, is since the 18th century. February missing. The police of Berlin to the notes

©police Berlin Where Rebecca asks?

This is the nagging question. No one knows where the girl is and what condition it is in. “We all hope that we find the girl,” said a police spokeswoman in the evening. “The investigation is ongoing.” Several large-scale search operations have remained in the past few days without success, despite Dozens of Parties, despite the use of sniffer dogs and a helicopter, despite more than 100 References. Only one thing is certain so far: Rebecca should have been the day of her disappearance at 9.50 am in the school, came there. Around 7.15 PM, your cell phone should be logged in the Router of the house of your sister, and then lost track of her. What on the Monday morning of the 18. February happened, is not known. Meanwhile, the extensive investigations of the 3 have”. Homicide confirmed the suspicion of a criminal Offence,” the police, in a communication, without having to go into more Detail. On Wednesday afternoon, the investigators had found in Neukölln, in the Southeast of Berlin, a piece of clothing that might belong to Rebecca, did not want to comment on this but. (More to the Disappearance of 15-Year-old read here in the star.)

Why is there so little information?

It is in the nature of things that the investigators are known to give less than you know. By the premature release of information to the Public, the investigation could be jeopardized if, for example, so-called perpetrators know public. The possible Suspects could coordinate their statements to the appropriate reports.

Moreover, in the specific case of the life of Rebecca. Even when the hope is fading with every day that the girl turns up safe and sound, to continue the search. Also this plays in the transmission of information, a role, for example, everything should be avoided which could lead to possible kidnappers to short-circuit reactions.

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Rebecca’s clothes: pink plush jacket, white hooded sweatshirt with the inscription, in black-and-white “Vans”shoes, red backpack, blue Jeans with torn knees, a beige-pink coloured handbag

©police Berlin

Rebecca is 15 years old, but may appear older. She is 1.70 to 1.80 meters tall, slim and has dark-blond to brown, shoulder-length hair. In the case of her Disappearance the girl was dressed in a pink plush jacket, a white hoodie with the words “Rap Monster 94” and “BTS”, blue Jeans with torn knees and a black-and-white “Vans” – sports shoes. She had a handbag, a beige-pink and a red backpack.

The officials have, among other things, the following questions:

Who has Rebecca Reusch on the Morning of the 18. February 2019 in the range between Maurerweg and Fritz-Erler-seen-Allee in Berlin?Who has, pursuant to the 18. February 2019 not yet seen or had any contact with her?

clues on the whereabouts of Rebecca accepts the Berlin police at the telephone number (030) 4664911333 or by E-Mail.

sources: police in Berlin, “world”, “Berliner Morgenpost”