“I can’t believe that this FDP-Post to be real!”, Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) writes, stunned. The now-deleted FDP-Post is real and for the liberals to be a real PR blunder.

“a trisomy-21 Test must be Cash!”, the FDP called on Twitter and Facebook – the image of a child with the colloquially as Down syndrome known genome mutation. “Pretty fucked up”, “Bad campaign”, “the last”: The combination of image and wording in the Post was the comment columns on Facebook and Twitter for a number of criticism.

Among other things, the world, “Journalist Robin Alexander noted the”: “With all due respect, this installation is a meanness to the boy and his parents and all people with Down syndrome and their friends,” he wrote on Twitter.

Minister for agriculture, Klöckner argued: “to clarify, With this child in the picture, in the case of a trisomy 21 Test, it would not, perhaps, in the world, if the Test performance would be …”

The FDP, the Post put out on Facebook and Twitter. An error, the party acknowledges only indirectly: “Our Posting to # Trisomie21 was misleading – we are very sorry”, writes the FDP group in the Bundestag on Twitter. “For us, perspective of a child with trisomy 21 is not a bad thing.” But: “Because of false impression, we have deleted immediately.”

the Background is an orientation debate in the Bundestag, which is scheduled for next week. Thereby, among other things, to the question of whether the trisomy-21 Test the Pregnant women from the 11. Week through a Blood test and with high probability determine whether a child with trisomy 21, comes to the world as Cash.