this photo is looking to the investigators to the man suspected to have also shown girls in the Internet the abuse offered. Also in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst” was the subject addressed by the case.

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It is a photo that is likely to stick in a similar way in many a family album. A man, estimated to be 40 to 50 years old, sitting with a light blue, sleeveless Shirt on a white plastic bench. His dark, curly hair sticking out at the temples and in the nape of the neck, under a green – or denim-colored baseball cap, which he pulled low over her face, may be bound to a ponytail. The man seems to smile. On his lap: a twelve-year-old girl, reddish hair and a red, also sleeveless Shirt. She is wearing a pair of glasses with oval lenses, around your neck, a key chain dangling. Unfortunately, the girl doesn’t work. Although it is, and of the criminal police in Kassel is, would probably have for years, every reason to be.

the CID investigators who have published the photo on Wednesday afternoon, in coordination with the office of the public Prosecutor in Kassel for the purpose of the public investigation were, hoping to get information on the Pictured. On the same evening, it is also shown in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”. Why? The officials believe, according to your now more than two years of ongoing investigations, that it could be for the unknown man to a child molester. And the girl, the victim, is his own daughter.

arrest in Staufen

man in charge of the scout group and should have in hundreds of cases, children miss

By Daniel Wüstenberg investigators go of years of abuse

In the Chat a classifieds portal should be sent to the Unknown, the likely 2016 resulting image to other users and to have specified that the girl was his mentally disabled daughter, which he needed since their sixth year of life sexually abused. Particularly disturbing: His chat partners, the man offered, therefore, to be able to the girl offense. Whether it actually came to Meet with the other perpetrators, the police is not known. Also, because of the Unknown managed so far to disguise his true identity in a targeted manner.

the police now have the man at all on the Radar, thanks to an attentive staff at the viewing portal, in 2016, a switched Ad was noticed. “Naturism, friendships, and more” about the display of a user called time, “Gerd”, time, “Jonas”. The on his lap sitting girls, at the time of the recording, the author claims to twelve years of age, was time, “Anja”, time, “Saskia” is called. Also that he was a single parent after the mother of the child had died after birth, the level in the display.

cases of abuse in Lügde

“The children are the victims. The parents could be perpetrators” – child welfare children get from their families

DPA the photo Shows at all, the offender and the victim?

The police started after the reference to the Advertisement for immediate investigation and found it to be so fast that the man was next to the viewing portal in flirt portals active. There he operates under the profile name “Rubens lovers” and “RubensFan55”. As a real name, he put the name “Gerd Mahler” and “Gerd is usually a man”, as a place of residence, he was the Kassel borough of Bad wilhelmshöhe, changes Hannover, Germany. All wrong, as the police quickly found out. That is exactly the Problem.

“not led Any previous intensive investigations to identify the man or the child so far to success,” – said in a press release Wednesday. Also is still completely unclear whether it is the depicted in the photo man “is actually the author of said Chat messages, and whether the described actions of the truth continue to comply with,” said the officials. Only in one point, the police is after the evaluation of the previous findings fairly sure That the child who would today be 15 approximately years old, was abused for several years severely sexually abused.

police scandal of Lügde

Against 15 police officers from North Rhine-Westphalia was more concrete because of child porn and abuse

DPA determined 20 information by investigation, and “aktenzeichen XY”

with the on Wednesday launched public search, as well as the appearance in “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”, the investigators of the Commissariat 12 at least 20 first information from the public, “including some”, as police spokesman Matthias Mänz confirmed to the star on request. This would now be examined intensively to find in the best case, “new investigative approaches”. More precisely, Mänz it didn’t want to take “out of determination tactical reasons”. The aim of the current investigations, be it, first, to identify the “persons on the photo without a doubt”.

Why the police only now, more than two years after the discovery of the Chat display to the Public, reasoned Mänz, and unchanged and it was unclear whether the Shown at all to the offender and the victim. Call a public investigation was in view of this uncertainty and of the personality rights of the Shown “a significant step,” says Mänz.

source: police headquarters Northern Hesse,