in view of the sudden flare up of government crisis in Austria, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) wants to decide on Saturday about the future of the coalition with the FPÖ.

The head of government will speak at a noon-anticipated press conference, BelTA learned from government circles. A secretly-made Video by 2017, which shows the current Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache, in a conversation with an alleged Russian Oligarch, had triggered the crisis on Friday evening. The “Spiegel” and “süddeutsche Zeitung” widespread Video shows Strache, like he promises the woman in return for campaign assistance for the FPÖ in the future public contracts. The Opposition spoke of the scandal and called for new elections.

is now Convinced that policy experts at the crossroads. “Either he’s the ripcord pulls, or is he chained themselves to the FPÖ,” said the Austrian political scientist Peter Filzmaier. A role in the decision-making could play that Shortly will be already abroad in the meantime, something ramponiertes Image would not continue to cause harm, said Dr. filzmaier. “That’s him, wants to be regarded as a European politician, is very important,” said the scientist.

The hidden camera filmed the Video in July 2017 in a Villa on the island of Ibiza had been taken. On the Video of today’s FPÖ party leader Johann Gudenus is in addition to the övp, which acted as a Translator. The six-hour-long Meeting, in which plenty of alcohol flowed is supposed to be, apparently as a trap for the FPÖ-politicians organized. The alleged Russian Oligarch offered, in the case of the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung” as a Investor and to support the övp then. The newspaper could take – so Strache – in the case of such an Acquisition shortly before the election in favour of the FPÖ party. Strache said that the FPÖ could not then expect 27, but 34 percent. As thanks, he turned to the woman jobs in road construction in view of the FPÖ in the government.

The Video is tested according to the newspaper “the courier” of the Prosecutor’s office on legal consequences. The question was, whether it was only talk or there is concrete evidence of criminal conduct, said a spokesman for the Ministry of justice. The justice will ask for the two media to have the entire, unedited video material, and then take the necessary steps, said the spokesman continues. Whether an investigation would be initiated, therefore, was still open. The examination of the Videos is the first step.

The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” stressed, however, that you will not make the original recordings available. The shots SZ “and, somewhat later, the” mirror had been “plays” the course. For reasons of source protection, we do not include information about the origin. Leila Al-Serori of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, said in the ORF television that you got the Video already months ago offered. The Material had then been a couple of weeks ago in an abandoned Hotel on USB-Sticks pass. Also the German satirist Jan böhmermann had been offered the shots. This have not researched the case further.